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faba bean [Vicia faba]
Puffbohne {f}
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Übersetzung für 'faba bean' von Englisch nach Deutsch

faba bean [Vicia faba]
Puffbohne {f}bot.T
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  • Faba bean rust is a fungal pathogen commonly affecting broad bean plants at maturity, causing small orange dots with yellow halos on the leaves, which may merge to form an orange lawn on both leaf surfaces.
  • Infection can be minimised by the destruction of plant debris at the end of the season, the avoidance of sites recently used for faba bean crops and the selection of cultivars with a high level of resistance to the disease.
  • Symptoms of "Bidens mottle virus" in Faba bean "(Vicia faba)".
  • The word "fabella" is a Latin diminutive of "faba" 'bean'.
  • Yearly celebration of Sant'Anthony the Abbot is a typical farming feast, characterized by blessing of the animals, distribution of faba bean soup, show of chariots and animals, and snack with anchovies, Saint Anthony "biscuit" and wine.
  • She is known for developing a disease resistant variety of faba bean that is resistant to the faba bean necrotic yellows virus (FBNYV).
  • "Faba bean necrotic stunt virus" (FBNSV) is a pathogenic plant virus of the family "Nanoviridae".
  • It reproduces in spring in faba bean crops, lays eggs on the young pods, develops in the growing seeds and overwinters as adults in shelters, or in diapause as larva or pupa diapause in the stored seeds.
  • It produces principally maize, plum, apple, pea and faba bean.
  • Major crops are maize, beans, potatoes and faba bean. The weather in La Perla is cold all year with rain in summer and autumn.
  • The rust of faba beans is macrocyclic, or contains 5 spores during its life cycle.
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