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NOUN   a fable | fables
VERB   to fable | fabled | fabled
fabling | fables
sb. fablesjd. dichtet
fablesLegenden {pl}
Aesop's fables
Äsops Fabeln {pl}
conspiracy fablesVerschwörungs­narrative {pl}
book of fables
Fabelnsammlung {f}
the fox (as he appears) in fables
der Fuchs {m} als Fabeltier
Fables for Robots [Stanislaw Lem]
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  • This monocausal hypothesis has now been generally discarded in favor of polygenetic hypothesis which states that fable motifs had independent origins in many ancient human cultures, some of which have common roots and some influenced by co-sharing of fables.
  • He has collected all the known Æsop's Fables and similar anecdotes (over 2000 fables), which he translated into Maltese.
  • In 2021, Koestenbaum published his first collection of fables under Semiotext(e) titled, The Cheerful Scapegoat: Fables.
  • The Aesop's fables are a collection of fables that were written by a Greek storyteller named Aesop.
  • "Ysopet" ("Little Aesop") refers to a medieval collection of fables in French literature, specifically to versions of Aesop's Fables.

  • Along with her lais, Marie de France also published a large collection of fables.
  • The most enduring literary monument of the Polish Enlightenment is Krasicki's fables: "Bajki i Przypowieści" (Fables and Parables, 1779) and "Bajki nowe" (New Fables, published posthumously in 1802).
  • Caterina Marianna Percoto (19 February 1812 – 15 August 1887 in Manzano, Friuli) was an Italian writer, best remembered for her short stories and fables in Friulian, most notably her collection of Friulian fables titled "Racconti" (1863).
  • "Mishlè Shu'alim" ("Fox fables") is a collection of fable, including fables about foxes, written, translated, and compiled by the English Jewish writer Berechiah ha-Nakdan in the 12th–13th century.
  • Cole worked with composer Paul Reade on a musical version of Aesop's fables, "A Feast of Fables", and the musical fairytale "Cinderella", performed all over the UK.

  • He was author of "Studies in the Text History of the Life and Fables of Aesop" and many other books.
  • Two French composers have set La Fontaine's fable. Isabelle Aboulker among "Les Fables enchantées" (1979) and Dominique Preschez (1954-) as the second of her "Trois fables en une" (1995).
  • This is a list of Aesop's Fables, a collection of fables attributed to the ancient Greek storyteller Aesop.
  • His next work was "The Morall Philosophie of Doni" (1570), a translation of an Italian language version of originally Indian fables, [...] popularly known as "The Fables of Bidpai" which had come to Europe primarily through Arabic translations.
  • Aesop may not have written his fables. "The Aesop Romance" claims that he wrote them down and deposited them in the library of Croesus; Herodotus calls Aesop a "writer of fables" and Aristophanes speaks of "reading" Aesop, but that might simply have been a compilation of fables ascribed to him.

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