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NOUN   a fabric break | fabric breaks
fabric breakLagenbruch {m}
fabric breakGewebebruch {m}
fabric breakKarkassenbruch {m}
fabric breakAnprallverletzung {f}
tolerance break <T-break, t-break> [e.g. from cannabis]
Toleranzpause {f}
Bau {m} [Bausubstanz]
Leinwand {f}
fabricReifengewebe {n}
Stoff {m}
fabricStruktur {f}
fabricGebilde {n}
Gewebe {n}
decorative fabric
Dekostoff {m} [kurz für: Dekorationsstoff]
decorative fabricDekorationsstoff {m}
stretch fabric
Stretchstoff {m}
fabric softenerWeichspüler {m}
fabric conditionerWeichspüler {m}
sheer fabric
hauchzarter Stoff {m}
fabric conditionerWeichspülmittel {n}
fabric softenerWeichspülmittel {n}
sheer fabric
dünner Stoff {m}
reversible fabric
Doubleface-Stoff {m}
reversible fabric
Abseitenstoff {m} [umkehrbarer Doppelstoff]
fabric protector
Gewebeschutz {m}
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  • Allegedly, Tobler was shocked when she first saw "Li I," which was supposed to represent her, and proceeded to break the frame and tear its fabric.
  • In extreme cases, the social fabric can break down and result in open class warfare such as what happened during the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, and many others.
  • Open space begins to break up the urban fabric here, in contrast to the denser development of downtown.
  • The primary function of the Fabric is to receive the frames from the source port and route them to the destination port.
  • Urban acupuncture produces small-scale but socially catalytic interventions into the urban fabric.

  • Taylor's false eyelashes were designed using a crescent-shaped strip of fabric.
  • After entering Brand sits in a flamboyantly upholstered chair with a zebra fabric for the seat covering.
  • Usually, the objective piece is held clasped in the flintknapper's hand, with a durable piece of fabric or leather protecting the flintknapper's palm from the sharpness of the flakes removed.
  • First, the fabric that will be the background and the appliqué fabric are affixed into the machine's embroidery hoop.
  • More common is for the belt to delaminate, disconnecting the fabric strength member from the teeth that ride on the pulleys.

  • This technology essentially harnesses electricity to instantly harden whatever surface it is applied to, in this case-the fabric of a combat suit.
  • The earliest of these was "screening" where a coarse-woven fabric screen was suspended before the camera plate to be exposed, breaking the incoming light into a pattern of dots via a combination of interruption and diffraction effects.
  • ("Rag Wall"), Pistoletto makes an exotic and opulent tapestry wrapping common bricks in discarded scraps of fabric.
  • He states that his actions subverted and destroyed the political fabric of Ecuador.
  • The numbers of cut cycles are recorded and compared to a cotton control fabric.

  • In his 1967 "Muretto di straci" ("Rag Wall") Pistoletto makes an exotic and opulent tapestry wrapping common bricks in discarded scraps of fabric.
  • Herringbone, also called broken twill weave, describes a distinctive V-shaped weaving pattern usually found in twill fabric.
  • During the process of weaving, fabrics can decrease in width (draw in) due to the interlacement of the weft material.
  • The handloom weavers of Gujarat, Maharastra and Bengal produced and exported some of the world's most desirable fabrics.
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