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VERB   to fabricate | fabricated | fabricated
fabricating | fabricates
SYNO to construct | to cook up | to fabricate | ...
to fabricateherstellen
to fabricate sth. [a story, etc.]etw. erfinden [eine Lügengeschichte etc.]
to fabricateerschaffen
to fabricate sth. [make up sth. in order to deceive]etw. vortäuschen [fingieren]
to fabricate [manufacture; or to fabricate lies, alibis, etc.]
fabrizieren [herstellen, auch: Lügen, falsche Alibis etc.]
to fabricate sth.etw.Akk. erlügen [eine Lügengeschichte]
to fabricate sth. [fig.] [e.g. an alibi]
etw.Akk. zusammenzimmern [fig.] [ugs.] [Argument, Alibi etc.]
ungeprüft to fabricate sth. etw.Akk. konstruieren [geh.] [a. pej.] [erdenken]
2 Wörter
to pre-fabricatevorfertigen
to pre-fabricatevorfabrizieren
3 Wörter
to fabricate an excusesichDat. eine Ausrede zurechtlegen
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • HyperFun (from Hyperdimensional Functions) is a programming language and software used to create, visualize, and fabricate volumetric 3D and higher-dimensional models.
  • Another recent example consists of the use of cellulose nanofibrils to fabricate ultra-white paper for cosmetics and coatings.
  • 1904 : Ratier was created by the joiner, Paulin Ratier, in order to fabricate wooden plane-propellers.
  • Josephus compares Justus and all the historians who lie “out of hatred or partiality” to “forgers who fabricate false contracts (V § 337)".
  • Electrospinning is the most commonly used method to fabricate nanofibers.

  • This method has been used to fabricate arrays of gold nanodots with precisely controlled spacings.
  • Researchers from Uppsala University have used n-type semiconductors instead of redox electrolyte to fabricate solid state p-type dye sensitized solar cells.
  • Hydrogel fiber can be used to fabricate scaffolds for cell growth and drug release.
  • Phase II of the VTOL X-Plane project will fabricate two air vehicles before flight testing, planned by September 2018.
  • Offshore Group Newcastle or OGN Group are a British company that fabricate steel in North East England, often for oil platforms. It is Tyneside's largest manufacturing yard.

  • In 2003, the company was selected to design, fabricate, install and maintain the Portland Aerial Tram at a cost of $57 million.
  • Examples of items a bar folder is used to fabricate would be end caps, "s" cleats, and drive cleats.
  • The spontaneous self-assembly of FtsZ can also be used in nanotechnology to fabricate metal nanowires.
  • It allows researchers to evaluate their ideas without the need to fabricate a real microprocessor chip, which is both expensive and time consuming.
  • Makers can also make or fabricate their own tools. This includes knives, hand tools, lathes, 3-D printers, wood working tools, etc.

  • Skirts were added, fitting flush. Three '51 Ford grilles were used to custom-fabricate one, and the bumper was fitted with dagmars.
  • The Illinois Steel Bridge Company of Jacksonville, Illinois was subcontracted to fabricate the trusses.
  • It is common for local governments, airport authorities, and contractors to fabricate traffic signs using typefaces other than the FHWA series; Helvetica, Futura and Arial are common choices.
  • The spy is Jeon So-min, and only Team no:ze each win 1 lucky ball as they picked the fabricate; both teams correctly predicted the spy.
  • 10 mm, It was fabricated by Intel Corporation in a 0.25 μm CMOS process with five levels of aluminium interconnect.

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