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NOUN   a fabrication method | fabrication methods
fabrication method
Herstellungs­methode {f}
fabrication method
Fabrikationsmethode {f}
fabrication method
Herstellungs­verfahren {n}
fabrication method
Fabrikationsverfahren {n}
Produktion {f} [Fabrikation]
fabricationVorfertigung {f}
Verfertigung {f} [Fabrikation]
fabricationPhantasiegespinst {n} [Rsv.]
fabricationHerstellung {f}
fabricationErfindung {f}
fabricationFertigung {f}
fabrication tolerancesHerstellungs­toleranzen {pl}
fabrication machine
Fertigungs­maschine {f}
fabrication process
Fertigungs­prozess {m}
fabrication defect
Fabrikationsfehler {m}
batch fabrication
Serienfertigung {f}
fabrication shop
Fertigungs­abteilung {f}
fabrication techniqueHerstellungs­methode {f}
pure fabricationreine Erdichtung {f}
shop fabricationWerkstattfertigung {f}
fabrication technique
Herstellungs­verfahren {n}
fabrication step
Fertigungs­schritt {m}
wafer fabricationWaferherstellung {f}
fabrication [fake]
Fälschung {f} [bes. von Texten, Berichten, Beweisen etc.]
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  • There are three different forms of chemical compound microarrays based on the fabrication method.
  • Recently, a new scalable CNT film fabrication method has been developed: Surface-Engineered Tape Casting (SETC) technique.
  • Today, cold forming (stamping in a die) is still their most common fabrication method, although rotary broaching is also common.
  • Another fabrication method is ink-jetting, a drop-on-demand, non-contact method of dispersing the protein polymers onto the solid surface in the desired pattern.
  • The actuator component can come in many shapes and sizes, depending on the fabrication method used. It can be visualised as an 'L'. The smaller end is called the 'bushing'.

  • Another fabrication method is to import STL and native dental CAD files into CAD/CAM software products that guide the user through the manufacturing process.
  • The implementation of this simple and cost-effective fabrication method may enable significant cost reductions in SOFC fabrication.
  • Kim, published a paper in 2000s and presented a fabrication method for adjusting the scale of IPMC artificial muscles in a strip size of micro-to-centimeter thickness.
  • This fabrication method is shown in Fig. 2.
  • In 1896 at the Millennium Exhibition he demonstrated his modern fabrication method of chocolate which brought him a reputation.

  • Melt blowing is a conventional fabrication method of micro- and nanofibers where a polymer melt is extruded through small nozzles surrounded by high speed blowing gas.
  • Construction of the Mondiale Formula Ford chassis utilized bronze welded joints, also called braze welded, a fabrication method where the base metal is heated but not melted and the fillet material is bronze.
  • From 2014 on Fostiropoulos has been focussing on hybrid Perovskite solar cells whereupon his group developed an industrially relevant all-vacuum fabrication method for such devices.
  • Alternative fabrication method uses nanoimprint lithography to replicate campanile pyramid from a mold.
  • Each of these challenges can be mitigated or lessened by the right choice of material, choice of molding or fabrication method, and the type of device that is to be constructed.

  • Method for deposition of thin films used in semiconductor device fabrication. Method based on direct control of the kinetics of thin film deposition.
  • Contact is established at specific milestones within the order fabrication method and a brief outline of status standing obtained throughout the following conversation.
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