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fabrication process
Fertigungs­prozess {m}
fabricationHerstellung {f}
fabricationVorfertigung {f}
Produktion {f} [Fabrikation]
fabricationErfindung {f}
fabricationFertigung {f}
fabricationPhantasiegespinst {n} [Rsv.]
Verfertigung {f} [Fabrikation]
shop fabricationWerkstattfertigung {f}
fabrication [fake]
Fälschung {f} [bes. von Texten, Berichten, Beweisen etc.]
fabrication defectHerstellungs­fehler {m}
fabrication shop
Fertigungs­abteilung {f}
fabrication method
Fabrikationsverfahren {n}
fabrication [manufacture]Fabrikation {f}
pure fabricationreine Erdichtung {f}
fabrication method
Fabrikationsmethode {f}
fabrication technique
Herstellungs­verfahren {n}
fabrication defect
Fabrikationsfehler {m}
fabrication method
Herstellungs­verfahren {n}
pre-fabricationVorfertigung {f}
fabrication tolerancesHerstellungs­toleranzen {pl}
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  • "Welding" is a fabrication process that joins materials, usually metals or thermoplastics, by causing coalescence.
  • Spray-up is an open-molding composites fabrication process where resin and reinforcements are sprayed onto a mold.
  • The fabrication process typically involves undercutting the cantilever structure to "release" it, often with an anisotropic wet or dry etching technique.
  • The series was manufactured on TSMC's 130 nm fabrication process.
  • Engineering statistics involves data concerning manufacturing processes such as: component dimensions, tolerances, type of material, and fabrication process control.

  • Continued improvements in the fabrication process had largely removed this restriction.
  • The SRAM was the main driver behind any new CMOS-based technology fabrication process since 1959 when CMOS was invented.
  • Welding is a fabrication process that joins materials, usually metals or thermoplastics, by using high heat to melt the parts together and allowing them to cool, causing fusion.
  • Vistec produces electron-beam lithography systems for semiconductor industry in Weilburg, also there is manufacturing of inspection, testing and measurement equipment for semiconductor fabrication process from KLA-Tencor.
  • Integration of graphene in the widely employed CMOS fabrication process demands its transfer-free direct synthesis on dielectric substrates at temperatures below 500 °C.

  • Fodor and colleagues developed a unique fabrication process (later used by Affymetrix) in which a series of microlithography steps is used to combinatorially synthesize hundreds of thousands of unique, single-stranded DNA sensors on a substrate one nucleotide at a time.
  • Additional lead time may need to be allowed for this fabrication process.
  • The "Northwood" design combined an increased cache size, a smaller 130 nm fabrication process, and Hyper-threading (although initially all models but the 3.06 GHz model had this feature disabled) to produce a more modern, higher-performing version of the NetBurst microarchitecture.
  • In 1990, an upgrade to the fabrication process technology resulted in the V20H and V20HL, with improved performance and reduced power consumption.
  • Properties depend greatly on composition and fabrication process.

  • It featured a 40 nm fabrication process for the entire product line (only the HD4770 (RV740) was built on this process previously), with more stream cores and compatibility with the next major version of the DirectX API, DirectX 11, which launched on 22 October 2009 along with Microsoft Windows 7.
  • In 1996, IBM released the high-end, 4-way SMP, multi-chip version called Muskie, A25 or A30 in AS/400 systems. It ran at 125-154 MHz. It was manufactured on a BiCMOS fabrication process.
  • In the synthesis of high quality silver nanowire (AgNW) solutions and fabrication process of high performance electrodes, decantation is also being applied which greatly simplifies the purification process.
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