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ADJ   far | farther / further | farthest / furthest
SYNO ALIR | Army for the Liberation of Rwanda | FAR | ...
far {adj} {adv}weit
far {adj} {adv}fern
far {adv} [+comparative]weitaus [+Komparativ]
2 Wörter: Andere
by far {adv}weit
by far {adv}weitaus
by far {adv}bei weitem
by far {adv}mit großem Abstand
by far {adv}
mit Abstand
fairly far {adv}ziemlich weit
far advanced [in development]weit fortgeschritten
far afield {adv}weit weg
far afield {adv}weit draußen
far afield {adv}weit entfernt
far aheadweit voraus
far apartweit auseinander [Orte]
far away {adv}weitab
far away {adv}weit weg
far behind {adv}weit hinten
far belowweit unter
far below {adv}in der Tiefe [tief unten]
far betterweit besser
far easier {adj}weitaus leichter
Far Eastern {adj}
far fromweit von
far from {adv}weitab (von)
far from {adv}fernab [+Gen.] / von [+Dat.] [geh.]
far from {adv} [not at all]keineswegs
far from sth. {adv} [in distance]abseits etw.Gen. [örtlich]
far gone {adj}heruntergekommen
far gone {adj} {past-p}weit fortgeschritten
far gone {adj} [coll.] [very drunk]stark betrunken
far left {adj}
far lessweit weniger
far moreweit mehr
far off {adv}weit weg
far off {adv}weit entfernt
far outtoll
far outweit entfernt
far out [coll.] [dated]super [ugs.]
far reaching {adj}tiefgreifend
far reaching {adj}weitreichend
far smaller {adj}weit geringer
far too {adv}allzu
far too {adv}viel zu
far-away {adj}fern
far-away {adj}entlegen
far-away {adj}weit entfernt
far-away {adj} [dreamy]verträumt
far-away {adj} [dreamy]versonnen
far-famed {adj}weit bekannt
far-fetched {adj}weit hergeholt
far-fetched {adj}an den Haaren herbeigezogen [ugs.] [Redewendung]
far-fetched {adj} [fig.]abwegig
far-field {adj}
far-flung {adj}weit verstreut
far-flung {adj} [covering a wide range]weitgespannt
far-flung {adj} [remote]entlegen
far-flung {adj} [widely distributed]zerstreut [weit verteilt]
far-off {adj}fern
far-off {adj}abgelegen
far-off {adj}weit entfernt
far-ranging {adj}weit tragend
far-reaching {adj}weitgehend
far-reaching {adj}tiefgehend
far-reaching {adj}weittragend
far-reaching {adj}folgenschwer
far-reaching {adj}weitreichend
far-reaching {adj}weit tragend
far-reaching {adj}weitgreifend
far-reaching {adj}tief greifend
far-reaching {adj}weit greifend
far-reaching {adj}weit reichend
far-reaching {adj}(weit) ausgreifend
far-reaching {adj} [momentous]einschneidend [Wirkung, Folgen etc.]
far-right {adj}
far-right {adj}
rechtsaußen [nur prädikativ]
far-sighted {adj} [Br.]weitsichtig
far-sighted {adj} [Br.] [fig.]weit schauend
far-sighted {adj} [Br.] [fig.]vorausschauend
far-sighted {adj} [fig.]weitblickend
how far {adv}inwieweit
how far {adv}inwiefern [bis zu welchem Grade]
not farnahe bei
pretty far {adv}recht weit
pretty far {adv} [distance] [also fig.]ziemlich weit [Entfernung] [auch fig.]
so far {adv}bisher
so far {adv}bislang
so far {adv}bisherig
so farbis jetzt
this far {adv}bis hierher
thus far {adv}bisher
thus far {adv}so weit
thus far {adv}bislang
thus far {adv}bis jetzt
thus far {adv}in dem Maße
2 Wörter: Verben
to come farweit kommen
to go farweit kommen
to go farweit reichen
to go farweit vorankommen
to take sb. far [to make sb. successful]jdm. zum Erfolg verhelfen
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Übersetzung für 'far' von Englisch nach Deutsch

far {adj} {adv}

far {adv} [+comparative]
weitaus [+Komparativ]

by far {adv}


bei weitem

mit großem Abstand

mit Abstandidiom
fairly far {adv}
ziemlich weit
far advanced [in development]
weit fortgeschritten
far afield {adv}
weit weg

weit draußen

weit entfernt
far ahead
weit voraus
far apart
weit auseinander [Orte]
far away {adv}

weit weg
far behind {adv}
weit hinten
far below
weit unter
far below {adv}
in der Tiefe [tief unten]
far better
weit besser
far easier {adj}
weitaus leichter
Far Eastern {adj}
far from
weit von
far from {adv}
weitab (von)

fernab [+Gen.] / von [+Dat.] [geh.]
far from {adv} [not at all]
far from sth. {adv} [in distance]
abseits etw.Gen. [örtlich]
far gone {adj}
far gone {adj} {past-p}
weit fortgeschritten
far gone {adj} [coll.] [very drunk]
stark betrunken
far left {adj}
far less
weit weniger
far more
weit mehr
far off {adv}
weit weg

weit entfernt
far out

weit entfernt
far out [coll.] [dated]
super [ugs.]
far reaching {adj}

far smaller {adj}
weit geringer
far too {adv}

viel zu
far-away {adj}


weit entfernt
far-away {adj} [dreamy]
far-away {adj} [dreamy]
far-famed {adj}
weit bekannt
far-fetched {adj}
weit hergeholt

an den Haaren herbeigezogen [ugs.] [Redewendung]
far-fetched {adj} [fig.]
far-field {adj}
far-flung {adj}
weit verstreut
far-flung {adj} [covering a wide range]
far-flung {adj} [remote]
far-flung {adj} [widely distributed]
zerstreut [weit verteilt]
far-off {adj}


weit entfernt
far-ranging {adj}
weit tragend
far-reaching {adj}





weit tragend


tief greifend

weit greifend

weit reichend

(weit) ausgreifend
far-reaching {adj} [momentous]
einschneidend [Wirkung, Folgen etc.]
far-right {adj}

rechtsaußen [nur prädikativ]pol.
far-sighted {adj} [Br.]
far-sighted {adj} [Br.] [fig.]
weit schauend

far-sighted {adj} [fig.]
how far {adv}

inwiefern [bis zu welchem Grade]
not far
nahe bei
pretty far {adv}
recht weit
pretty far {adv} [distance] [also fig.]
ziemlich weit [Entfernung] [auch fig.]
so far {adv}


so far
bis jetzt
this far {adv}
bis hierher
thus far {adv}

so weit


bis jetzt

in dem Maße

to come far
weit kommen
to go far
weit kommen

weit reichen

weit vorankommen
to take sb. far [to make sb. successful]
jdm. zum Erfolg verhelfen
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • "Lakeland Boating" is a regional magazine that ships eleven times a year and covers the interests of freshwater boaters on the Great Lakes and connecting waterways and inland lakes as far south as Tennessee, as far north as Lake Superior, as far west as Minnesota, and as far east as Quebec.
  • It can be heard as far east as Newberry, as far north as Thunder Bay, as far west as Bergland, and as far south as Ludington.
  • Especially between 1995 and 1997 several far-right crimes were committed in Jena.
  • Manuel Abramowicz (born 1967) is a far-left Belgian reporter, specialist of the far right.
  • There remain other, far longer epic poems, such as the Indian "Mahabharata" and Persian "Shahnameh", although these are far older.
  • The WFGR signal can be heard as far north as Stanwood, Michigan, far east as Pewamo, Michigan, and as far south as Plainwell, Michigan.
  • WMAG is one of North Carolina's most powerful stations, providing at least secondary coverage as far east as Raleigh, as far north as Martinsville, Virginia and as far south as the Charlotte suburbs.
  • Far, far into the future, inter-planetary archaeologist Vick XIII, makes a choking discovery.
  • On C compilers targeting the 8086 processor family, far pointers were declared using a non-standard far qualifier.
  • The Mansfield signal is strong enough to be heard as far north as Scunthorpe, far outside Nottinghamshire. The Nottingham signal may be heard as far south as Leicester.
  • Though some spices have antimicrobial properties in vitro, pepper—by far the most common spice—is relatively ineffective, and in any case, salt, which is far cheaper, is also far more effective.
  • Less integrated into the Romansh verbal system are constructions following the pattern of "far il" ('doing the') + a German infinitive.
  • The school is attended by around 243 pupils. Pupils are from a catchment area that is particularly vast, stretching as far north as Kinbrace, as far south as the Mound and as far west as Rosehall.
  • Exo's mandate includes the operation of Montreal's commuter rail service, which links the downtown core with communities as far west as Hudson, as far east as Mont-Saint-Hilaire, as far south as Candiac, and as far north as Saint-Jérôme and commuter buses formerly operated by local operators.
  • Violence was expected among far right and far left demonstrators and police.
  • "Far Far Away": About border guards far from home, protecting their homeland.
  • By 1960 the Atlantic GL reached as far to the north as Columbus and Pittsburgh, as far to the east as the Atlantic Ocean, as far to the south as Jacksonville, and as far to the west as Cincinnati, Knoxville, and Atlanta.
  • The "Post" [...] s distribution area reaches as far south as North Fremantle, as far north as Wembley Downs and Woodlands, and as far east as West Perth and West Leederville.
  • In 1890 that company had 3000 mules, 600 cars, and [...] of rail line. Lines ran north as far as Tlalnepantla, as far south as Tlalpan, as far east as Peñón de los Baños.
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