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NOUN   a feud | feuds
VERB   to feud | feuded | feuded
feuding | feuds
feudFehde {f}
feudFeindschaft {f} [Fehde]
feudKleinkrieg {m} [dauernder Streit]
feud [fief]
Lehen {n}
2 Wörter
to feud with sb.sich mit jdm. bekriegen
blood feudBlutrache {f}
blood feud
Blutfehde {f}
deadly feudFehde {f} auf Leben und Tod
death-feudKampf {m} auf Leben und Tod
family feudFamilienfehde {f}
Grumbach Feud {sg}
Grumbach'sche Händel {pl}
Grumbach Feud {sg}
Grumbachsche Händel {pl} [alt]
knightly feud
Ritterfehde {f}
marital feudEhekrieg {m}
marriage feudEhefehde {f}
office feudBürofehde {f}
3 Wörter
to feud with sb. (over sth.)sichAkk. mit jdm. (über etw.Akk.) befehden
to have a feudsich befehden [geh.]
feud between brothersBruderzwist {m}
Mainz Diocesan Feud
Mainzer Stiftsfehde {f}
right to feud
Fehderecht {n}
4 Wörter
to be at feud with sb.mit jdm. in Fehde liegen
to have a feud with sb.mit jdm. in Fehde liegen
to stoke up a feud
eine Fehde anfachen
5+ Wörter
to be having a feud with sb.sich mit jdm. befehden [geh.]
Fiktion (Literatur und Film)
Pumpkinhead: Blood Feud [Michael Hurst]
Pumpkinhead: Blutfehde
Range Feud [D. Ross Lederman]
Die Rancher Fehde
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Although he was a good 25 years older than Michael Noble, later Baron Glenkinglas, the two had a friendly feud based on the much nastier Andrew Noble - George Whitwick Rendel feud.
  • In 1519 the Hildesheimer Stift feud broke out, the Hildesheim came into conflict with the Guelph Principalities Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel and Calenberg.
  • Feud - feud cards represent rivalries between wrestlers. Many feud cards are superstar-specific, or have additional effects against particular opponents.
  • The No Remorse Corps went on to feud with Aries' new faction The Resilience.
  • The September 11 Great Armed Clan Feud of Matian (Chinese:马田“9.11”宗派大械斗)was a 1993 armed feud between local villagers from 6 townships in Matian, Chenzhou, Hunan, China.

  • The Krummedige-Tre Rosor feud was a feud that took place from 1448 to 1502 between the Norwegian noble families, "Krummedige" and "Tre Rosor".
  • The Hutch-Kinahan feud is an ongoing gangland feud in Ireland between the Hutch and Kinahan crime families. The feud began in 2015, and has since claimed 18 lives.
  • Randy Orton's feud with Sheamus continued after Battleground leading to a rematch at SummerSlam where Sheamus defeated Orton to temporarily end their feud.
  • However, it was only during the family feud between Cheema, Bhullar, and local don Gurbachan Lal Sharma that Namdhari rose to prominence.
  • In 1482, Otto IV fought a feud against John, Gottschalk and Henry of Harthausen and the Westpahlian allies, and a separate feud against Stephen of Malsburg.

  • In 1992, Lawler teamed with Jeff Jarrett in a feud against The Moondogs.
  • Chris Jericho's feud with Shawn Michaels and their series of matches, particularly their ladder match at No Mercy in 2008 received critical acclaim.
  • A blood feud is a feud, usually between families, with a cycle of retaliatory violence.
  • Henry led numerous feuds with neighboring nobles, including the Lords of Padberg and the Bengler League.
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