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NOUN   a feudal state | feudal states
feudal state
Feudalstaat {m}
feudal {adj}feudal
feudal {adj}Feudal-
more feudal {adj}feudaler
feudal property
Feudalbesitz {m}
feudal lord
Feudalherr {m}
feudal court
Lehenhof {m} [Lehengericht]
feudal tenure
Lehen {n}
feudal system
Feudalwesen {n}
feudal suzerainty
Oberlehnshoheit {f}
feudal tenure
Lehensbesitz {m}
feudal court
Lehengericht {n}
feudal services
Hand- und Spanndienste {pl} [für den Feudalherren]
feudal system
Lehnswesen {n}
feudal system
Lehenswesen {n} [Rsv.]
feudal rights
Feudalrechte {pl}
feudal faith
Lehenstreue {f}
most feudal {adj}feudalste
feudal faith
Lehnstreue {f}
feudal law
Lehnrecht {n}
feudal landowner
Lehnsherr {m}
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  • Young Minakata leaped out into the wider world when Japan was going through a metamorphosis from a feudal state into a westernized modern country.
  • King Marthanda Varma inherited the small feudal state of Venad in 1723, and built it into Travancore, one of the most powerful kingdoms in southern India.
  • Illustrating the extent to which there was a great degree of technological innovation that met the growing needs of the feudal state.
  • Bihou was founded in the 18th century by Tan Gong Chang (...), one of the many descendants of the viscounts of the feudal State of Tan (1046BC-684BC) in present-day Shandong Province.
  • Around the 14th century, the feudal state Great Perm was created west to the Northern Ural.

  • The Makhzen is a very ancient notion in Morocco, it roughly coincides with the notion of the feudal state predating the French protectorate in Morocco.
  • Philip the Fair, Charles the Wise and Louis the Cunning were instrumental in the transformation of France from a feudal state to a modern country.
  • Chirakkal Raja (King of Chirakkal) was the title of the most senior king of the Chirakkal branch of the Palli division of the Kolathiri dynasty, who ruled over the erstwhile feudal state of Kolathunadu, which was located in the modern-day Indian state of Kerala.
  • However, the exact volumetric size and weight was locally very different in each feudal state.
  • Abay discovered that Ethiopians are not free if they cannot overcome the feudal state and the unjust arrangement which had them in a bind.

  • Andorra la Vella was, during this period, the capital of a largely isolated and feudal state, which retained its independence due to this principle of co-sovereignty.
  • was a canon lawyer from Etruria, probably operating in the former feudal state of Matilda of Tuscany (mainly in Tuscany and Emilia region) as well as in Reims (1131), Rome, Bologna, Venice (1143) and Chiusi.
  • North Korea has been described as a feudal state because of their caste system, Songbun.
  • The origin of the Luo surname dates back to descendants of Luo, a feudal state which existed during the Shang dynasty to the Warring States period (modern day Hubei).
  • The British colonial system intensified the transformation of the tribal agrarian system into a feudal state.

  • This proposal was significant as it would allow Cao Cao to set up a self-contained feudal state within the Han dynasty.
  • Câmpulung was the first capital of the feudal state of Wallachia, until succeeded by Curtea de Argeș in the 14th century.
  • Those that grew extremely wealthy in a feudal state ran the constant risk of running afoul of the monarchy and having their lands confiscated, as famously occurred to Jacques Cœur in France.
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