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NOUN   a flammable substance | flammable substances
flammable substances
brennbare Stoffe {pl}
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warning of flammable substances [also warning sign] Warnung {f} vor feuergefährlichen Stoffen [auch Warnzeichen]
flammable {adj}brennbar
flammable {adj}entzündbar
flammable {adj}entzündlich
flammable {adj}feuergefährlich
flammable {adj}entflammbar
non-flammable {adj}
nichtentflammbar / nicht entflammbar
non-flammable {adj}nicht brennbar
flammable solids
entflammbare Feststoffe {pl}
highly flammable {adj}hochentzündlich
flammable liquid
brennbare Flüssigkeit {f}
low-flammable {adj}schwer entflammbar
flammable dustentzündlicher / entzündbarer Staub {m}
non-flammable {adj}nicht entzündbar
normally flammable {adj}normalentflammbar
highly flammable {adj}
leicht entzündlich
non-flammable {adj}nichtentzündbar
highly flammable {adj}
easily flammable {adj}leichtentzündlich
easily flammable {adj}leicht entzündlich
not flammable {adj} feuerfest [brennt nicht mit Flamme unter festgelegten Bedingungen]
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  • Although not intended to start fires, tracer bullets can have a mild incendiary effect. This is particularly dangerous when they strike flammable substances or dry brush.
  • Convection melters are dangerous when heating flammable substances and should not be used.
  • Discharge of static electricity can create severe hazards in those industries dealing with flammable substances, where a small electrical spark might ignite explosive mixtures.
  • For the infrared generating charge, two approaches are possible: pyrotechnic and pyrophoric as stored, chemical-energy-source IR-decoy flares contain pyrotechnic compositions, liquid or solid pyrophoric substances, or liquid or solid highly flammable substances.
  • Balloon-carried light effects can be used without safety concerns at events with a lot of people, because unlike fireworks they do not require the use of flammable substances.

  • Its primary disadvantage was the use of toxic and flammable substances such as nitrobenzene and o-nitrotoluene.
  • A "tunica molesta" (Latin for "annoying shirt") was a shirt impregnated with flammable substances such as naphtha or resin, used to execute people by burning in ancient Rome.
  • Electrical knives should not be used around flammable substances, like alcohol-based disinfectants.
  • Improper neutralization can cause a fast decomposition, which releases pure oxygen (increased risk of fire of flammable substances in a close space).
  • For instance, most flammable substances are characterised by an autoignition temperature at which they will undergo combustion in air without an external flame or spark.

  • Given its strong oxidizing properties, perchloric acid is subject to extensive regulations as it can react violently with metals and flammable substances such as wood, plastics, and oils.
  • Because of the large surface area, the leaves pose a significant fire hazard if placed near flammable substances.
  • Bishop said "In his remarks the member himself acknowledged the dangerous nature of the material, setting aside the member's own offence in making use of props it is highly disorderly to bring dangerous and flammable substances into each of the chambers.
  • The following year, inspections held by the environmental and technological watchdog Rostekhnadzor identified over 300 industrial safety violations caused by disrepair and depreciation of equipment handling toxic and highly flammable substances.
  • Hazardous and highly flammable substances are processed physically, chemically and biologically in order to reduce the waste materials.

  • A Molotov cocktail (among several other names – "see other names") is a hand thrown incendiary weapon constructed from a frangible container filled with flammable substances equipped with a fuse (typically a glass bottle filled with flammable liquids sealed with a cloth wick).
  • Although experimenting with static electricity may be fun, similar sparks create severe hazards in those industries dealing with flammable substances, where a small electrical spark may ignite explosive mixtures with devastating consequences.
  • This would have required a costly set of safety mechanisms to be put in place, including work environment monitoring, specialized rescue team on site, and rigorous control of flammable substances.
  • Smoke effects refers to theatrical atmospheric effects produced either by pyrotechnic materials, such as Smoke Cookies, and pre-fabricated smoke cartridges; or other, flammable substances such as incense or HVAC smoke pencils or pens.
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