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VERB   to flay | flayed | flayed
flaying | flays
to flayhäuten
to flay [to skin]schinden
to flay sb.jdn. auspeitschen
to flayabziehen [Haut, Fell]
to flay sb. [to flog]jdn. verdreschen [ugs.]
to flay [to skin]enthäuten
to flay [to skin]
to flayentpellen
2 Wörter
to flay sb. alive [coll.] [fig.]jdm. das Fell über die Ohren ziehen [ugs.] [fig.]
3 Wörter
to flay / skin sb. alive [also fig.]jdn. bei lebendigem Leibe häuten [auch fig.]
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  • Several other birds may use spines or forked sticks to anchor a carcass while they flay it with the bill.
  • Goudeau appeared on Episode 25 of Season 3 of "BBQ with Bobby Flay". Goudeau showed Flay how to prepare shark tacos.
  • She appeared on the Food Network's "Iron Chef America" (the third chef from Canada to do so), in a battle with Iron Chef Bobby Flay.
  • Ari visits his wife in one last attempt to save their marriage, only to find Flay in his house.
  • with Bobby Flay" is a Food Network television program in which celebrity chef Bobby Flay challenges cooks renowned for a specific dish or type of cooking to a cook-off of their signature dish.

  • Attested in English in 1819, the word "dermatology" derives from the Greek δέρματος ("dermatos"), genitive of δέρμα ("derma"), "skin" (itself from δέρω "dero", "to flay") and -λογία "-logia".
  • Flay learns that Swelter intends to kill him. Flay had hit him across the face with a chain before Titus’ christening, escalating a mutual loathing into plans for vengeful murder.
  • The character guó (, /*kʷraːɡ/) is rare in Chinese, and means "to hunt and flay a tiger", indicating that Guo Shu was a brave warrior.
  • As well as appearing on the Food Network shows "Beat Bobby Flay", "Worst Cooks in America", and "Throwdown!
  • Dorsey is also known for competing on Food Network's television shows "Chopped", "Beat Bobby Flay", and "Cutthroat Kitchen".

  • To the left of the Madonna and Child is John the Baptist in his camel-skin tunic and holding a cross, whilst to the left is Saint Bartholomew holding an open book and the knife used to flay him.
  • In a May 2011 interview with "LA Weekly", Flay contrasted "Barbecue Addiction" with other cooking shows such as "Iron Chef", and noted that each episode has a particular theme.
  • In 2012, Pham was an Iron Chef America winner by beating Chef Bobby Flay.
  • Yorke dated chef Bobby Flay from 2016-2019. Throughout their relationship she ran a food-based Instagram account chronicling her cooking adventures with Flay, but the account was deleted following their breakup.
  • In his first battle with Bobby Flay in New York, battle rock crab, Morimoto famously declared that Flay was "not a chef" because Flay stood up on his chopping board after completing his dishes.

  • He offers his cure: flay the wolf and let the lion use his skin as a blanket.
  • After his playing career, Oduwole became a chef, and appeared on season 7 of Beat Bobby Flay, where he won the first round, but lost to Bobby Flay in the second round.
  • The Ironborn subdue Theon and present him to Ramsay, who takes Theon prisoner, but Ramsay then proceeds to sack Winterfell and flay the Ironborn garrison for his own amusement.
  • with Bobby Flay" when the celebrity chef was challenged by her (in a change from the show's normal format) to a special Thanksgiving face-off.
  • Their flesh constantly decomposes and falls off, and in order to keep themselves “beautiful” they hunt and kill young women/men, whom they flay.

  • Some exceptions include a few verbs ending in -á, such as "slá" ('hit'); "flá" ('flay').
  • The Hongwu Emperor flayed many servants, officials and rebels.
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