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foreign currency trading [Br.]Auslandswechsel {m}
4 Wörter
trading in foreign currency
Devisenhandel {m}
trading currencyHandelswährung {f}
currency futures tradingWährungs­terminhandel {m}
foreign currency
Devisen {pl}
foreign currency
Fremdwährung {f}
foreign currency
ausländisches Geld {n}
foreign currency
Valuta {f}
foreign currency
ausländische Währung {f}
foreign currency loan
Fremdwährungs­kredit {m}
foreign currency accountKonto {n} in ausländischer Währung
foreign currency reservesDevisenreserven {pl}
foreign currency cofferDevisenkasse {f}
foreign currency debt
Fremdwährungs­schuld {f}
foreign currency depositEinlage {f} in Fremdwährung
to convert foreign currencyDevisen umtauschen
foreign currency transactions
Fremdwährungs­geschäfte {pl}
foreign currency reserves {pl}
Devisenschatz {m} [ugs.]
foreign currency transferAuslandsüberweisung {f}
foreign currency trader
Devisenhändler {m}
foreign currency order
Auslandspostanweisung {f}
foreign currency document
Fremdwährungs­beleg {m}
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  • The first foreign currency trading in US dollars took place in 1993.
  • Four years later the final connections between the two were severed and subsequently the Central Bank of Iceland controlled foreign currency trading and supervised the country's commercial and savings banks.
  • Its commercial banking business primarily consists of corporate banking, trade and project finance, personal banking, debit and credit card services and foreign currency trading.
  • The FXC includes representatives of major financial institutions engaged in foreign currency trading in the United States and is sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
  • Jarvis has worked in both investment banking and foreign currency trading, but left financial services to pursue a career in journalism.

  • Russell Warren Brent Cline (born about 1965) founded Orion International in 1998, a foreign currency trading firm based in Portland, Oregon.
  • After being made redundant, he worked in the foreign currency trading rooms of various banks, including the Bank of Iran and Marine Midland.
  • Mercado Abierto Electrónico (MAE) is an electronic securities and foreign-currency trading market in Argentina.
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