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NOUN   a free period | free periods
free period
Freistunde {f}
free period
Hohlstunde {f} [Freistunde]
free period
Springs­tunde {f} [Freistunde zwischen zwei Unterrichtsstunden]
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free trial periodkostenlose Probezeit {f}
seizure-free period
Anfallsfreiheit {f}
5+ Wörter
one-year redemption-free period
Tilgungs­freijahr {n}
Middle Bronze period <MB period>
Mittelbronzezeit {f} <MB-Zeit>
Early Cycladic period <EC period>
frühkykladische Epoche {f}
free triiodothyronine <free T3, fT3>
freies Triiodthyronin {n} <freies T3, fT3> [fachspr.]
lead-free labels <Pb-free labels>Bleifrei-Aufkleber {pl}
Regel {f} [Menstruation]
periodFrist {f}
periodDauer {f}
Unterrichtsstunde {f}
periodZeitraum {m}
periodUmlaufzeit {f}
periodZeitalter {n}
Schulstunde {f}
periodZeitdauer {f}
periodAbschnitt {m} [zeitlich]
periodSchwingungs­zeit {f}
periodPhase {f}
periodPeriode {f}
pluvial period
Pluvialperiode {f}
expungement period
Tilgungs­frist {f} [z. B. für Löschung eines Eintrags im Verkehrszentralregister]
prevernal period
Prävernal {n}
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  • Randomized controlled studies in different cancers resulting in significant increase in survival and disease free period have been reported and its efficacy is enhanced by 20–30% when cell-based immunotherapy is combined with conventional treatment methods.
  • This field can take one of three forms: Duration, Contention-Free Period (CFP), and Association ID (AID).
  • Because of its high diurnal air temperature variation and high altitude, the frost-free period averages only 14 days.
  • The climate of the isthmus is moderately continental, with 650–800 mm (25–32 in) average precipitation per year, long snowy winters lasting from November through mid-April and occasionally reaching about -40 °C (-40 F), moderately cool summers and short frost-free period.
  • The frost-free period is 183 days, which is long considering the severity of the winters.

  • Barrie's average frost-free period is from May 6 to October 8, allowing a growing season of 157 days.
  • For four days, many took advantage of the toll-free period to cross the bridge.
  • 5 billion was held in LISA savings in 2022, and the 2022 cost of living crisis fuelled in part by rising inflation led to calls to introduce a temporary penalty-free period to allow access to these savings.
  • Although in the 1970s parts of Baffin Island failed to have the usual ice-free period in the summer.
  • A steady increase in regional temperatures over the last 100 years has been reflected in a lengthening of the ice-free period, which was as short as four months in the late 17th century.

  • The Westlink was built as a fully tolled, gateless motorway employing electronic payment, with an initial toll-free period that ended on 15 January 2006.
  • As such, the frost free period is very short with the first date of frost being February 23 and the last date of frost being November 22.
  • The ice-free period on the "Nizhnyaya Tunguska" starts in mid-June and ends in the first half of October.
  • The frost-free period lasts 330 days.
  • In the trace EBC, the CS precedes the US and there is a stimulus free period (trace interval) between CS offset and US onset.

  • The coldest month is January and the frost-free period is 155–160 days, with an average of 1800 hours of sunshine.
  • Its average frost-free period runs from June 1 to October 16–136 days.
  • Of six patients with a facial basal cell carcinoma, treated with a 1% eosin solution and long-term exposure either to sunlight or arc-lamp light, four patients showed total tumour resolution and a relapse-free period of 12 months.
  • The average length of the warm season (freeze-free period) is about 249 days.
  • The longest frost-free period is a mere thirty days from July 20 to August 18, 1901, but to illustrate the vast diurnal temperature range, Bodie had as many as 98 consecutive maxima at or above [...] between June 9 and September 14, 2007 – which included the record hot July 2007 with mean maximum [...].

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