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to freight a vesselein Schiff befrachten [mit Ladung versehen]
one-vessel coronary artery disease <1-vessel CAD>koronare Eingefäßerkrankung {f}
one-vessel coronary artery disease <1-vessel CAD>
koronare Eingefäßkrankheit {f} <koronare 1-Gefäßkrankheit, koronare 1-Gefäß-Krankheit>
to command a vesselein Schiff führen
to charter a vesselein Schiff chartern
to haul a vessel
ein Schiff verholen
burden of a vesselTragfähigkeit {f} eines Schiffes
bottom of a vessel
Kiel {m}
abandonment of a vesselAufgabe {f} eines Schiffs
to break a blood vessel
Aderbruch erleiden
rupture of a vessel [angiorrhexis]
Gefäßruptur {f}
resembling a blood vessel {adj} [postpos.] [angioid]
blutgefäßähnlich [angioid]
to beach a vessel [boat or smaller ship]
ein Boot auf Strand laufen lassen
unloading (of) a vessel [removing cargo from a ship]
Entladen {n} eines Schiffes / Schiffs
Frachten {pl}
to freightverfrachten
freightFrachtgeld {n}
freightFrachtgut {n}
freightFracht {f}
freight accountFrachtkonto {n}
freight conferenceFrachtkonferenz {f}
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  • That August, the shingle mill leased the CP vessel and established a connecting weekly passenger/freight run.
  • The new vessel is due to enter service in 2024 and will have two-deck loading alongside a freight capacity of 66 HGVs, or some 1200 lane metres.
  • In Europe, a Dumb barge is: "An inland waterway transport freight vessel designed to be towed which does not have its own means of mechanical propulsion".
  • The remains represent the final berth of an early- to mid-19th-century canal barge or scow, a type of horse-drawn vessel that was the main freight carrier of the time.
  • DFDS Seaways operated a freight-only Rosyth – Zeebrugge ferry service, until a fire damaged the vessel DFDS were using.

  • The company has operated a number of roll-on/roll-off passenger and freight ferries in its history, the pioneering vessel being the "Peveril" [...] in 1981, in response to Manx Line's "Manx Viking".
  • The traditional wooden pinisi vessel is still widely used as the inter-island freight service within Indonesian archipelago.
  • The ramp provides the bulk cargo carriers with a location closer to the causeway to trans-load freight to landing craft and roll equipment on and off barges.
  • A private carrier is providing freight service to the Aleutian islands but is not permitted for passenger transport.
  • SS "Sagona" was a passenger and freight ferry used in ferry service on the northern coastal routes between the island of Newfoundland and the coast of Labrador in Canada.

  • In sea transport, a packet service is a regular, scheduled service, carrying freight and passengers.
  • The first ship converted to a mid-Atlantic refueling stop was the "SS Westfalen", a freight and passenger liner that became out-dated for carrying mail and passengers shortly after World War I due to its small size and low cruising speed.
  • of enclosed space served freight along with 575 tugboats and 39 active shipyards, the largest being Brooklyn Navy Yard.
  • Carriers remain operationally independent, as they are forbidden by antitrust regulators in multiple jurisdictions from colluding on freight rates or capacity.
  • Her accommodation options, freight handling, and endurance allow cruises and research campaigns of the most demanding sort.

  • She was built in Low Walker, England in 1912-13 as the icebreaking passenger and freight steamer "Lintrose".
  • CargoLifter and Russia’s Aerosmena are among those developing huge airships that can lift up to 600 tons of freight while hovering above the ground or sea.
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