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NOUN   a freight bicycle | freight bicycles
freight bicycle
Lastenrad {n}
freight bicycle
Lastenfahrrad {n}
freight bicycle
Transportrad {n} [Lastenrad]
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Übersetzung für 'freight bicycle' von Englisch nach Deutsch

freight bicycle
Lastenrad {n}bike

Lastenfahrrad {n}bike

Transportrad {n} [Lastenrad]bike
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Though the bridge is now used exclusively for active freight rail transport, some Portland-area commuters have urged that the bridge be modified to allow commuter rail or bicycle traffic.
  • Freight service followed suit in the 1980s. In 1984, less than 100 years after its construction, the railroad was dismantled from Wyman to Waltham and later turned into a linear park or bicycle trail the Cycloparc PPJ rail trail stretching from Bristol, Quebec, to Pembroke, Ontario.
  • The bike is fitted with the air horn from a freight train, which is powered by a SCUBA diving cylinder, and has been judged by Guinness World Records to be the world's loudest bicycle horn.
  • Another mode of dogsled racing is the "freight race," in which a specified weight per dog is carried in the sled.
  • railroad provides freight rail service to Cedarburg as part of its Saukville subdivision.
  • In 2009, a law created by the New York City Council went into effect, requiring commercial buildings with freight elevators to allow employees to transport their bikes on them up to tenant floors.
  • The platform height cannot be raised to the 96 cm needed for disabled access because of the freight traffic on the line to Bergisch Gladbach.
  • Shawbridge was formerly served by freight and passenger services of the Canadian Pacific Railway.
  • The passenger and freight transportation is accomplished by horse-drawn carriages.
  • It was a freight route, the Helsinki harbour rail, which passed through the inner west side of the city, all the way around the Helsinki peninsula to Katajanokka.
  • The railway station which was located in Princes Hill was closed to passengers in 1948 and freight in the early 1980s.
  • With the rush, entrepreneurs quickly erected roadhouses and dog barns along the trail at a convenient day's journey apart—about 20 miles—to shelter and feed trail users. Freight shippers, mail haulers and well-to-do passengers relied on dogsleds.
  • Georgia's light density lines carry less than 5 million gross tons of freight per year and function as local shortline service operators, primarily in rural agricultural areas.
  • The bridge was rehabilitated in 2016 and CSX determined that it was sufficient to meet their freight needs, but in 2019 DDOT and FRA reported that a second bridge was needed to serve increased passenger rail needs.
  • The experimental Fairchild XC-120 Packplane had quadricycle gear located in the engine nacelles to allow unrestricted access beneath the fuselage for attaching a large freight container.
  • A bank failure in 1995 led to the local iron industry going bankrupt, so after the loss of the largest (and practically only) freight customer, the National Railways felt compelled to close the railway.
  • Their uniform northeast-southwest direction was prescribed by Thomson and Cotterill not only solved that problem but also spared freight trains from needing to make a sharp right angle.
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