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NOUN   a freight canal | freight canals
freight canal
Frachtkanal {m}
atrioventricular canal <AVC, AV canal> [Canalis atrioventricularis]
atrioventrikulärer Kanal {m} <AVC, AV-Kanal>
atrioventricular canal <AVC, AV canal> [Canalis atrioventricularis]
Atrioventrikularkanal {m} <AVC, AV-Kanal>
nerve-canal and root-canal condenser
Nervkanal- und Wurzelkanal-Stopfer {m}
to freightverfrachten
Frachten {pl}
freightFrachtgut {n}
freightFracht {f}
freightFrachtgeld {n}
freight forwarderGüterspediteur {m}
freight releaseGüterfreigabe {f}
freight bicycle
Lastenfahrrad {n}
freight yard
Güterbahnhof {m}
actual freightIst-Fracht {f}
freight transport
Frachtverkehr {m}
surface freightLand- und Seefracht {f}
air freight
Luftfracht {f}
freight bicycle
Lastenrad {n}
freight route
Frachtweg {m}
freight charges
Beförderungs­kosten {pl}
minimum freightMindestfracht {f}
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  • In 1857 a canal was built around a basin that would allow freight ships to access a large warehouse.
  • The opening of the Grand Junction Canal (later renamed Grand Union Canal) as the major freight transport route between London and Birmingham in 1796 began a commercial boom, intensified by the arrival of Brunel's Great Western Railway in 1839, leading to the establishment and growth of brick factories, flour mills and chemical plants which formed the town's commercial base.
  • Commercial traffic on the Grand Junction Canal (which became the Grand Union Canal in 1929) dwindled because of railway competition in the late-19th and early-20th centuries, and freight then moved from rail to road after World War II, leading to the abandonment of the goods yards in the early 1980s.
  • There are no commercially navigable waterways in Warren County, but the Warren County Canal did operate in the 19th century as a branch of the Miami and Erie Canal, bringing freight to Lebanon by canal boat.
  • Although passenger and commercial traffic on the Erie Canal has declined greatly since the 19th century, the barge canal still allows heavy cargo to travel through Utica at low cost, bypassing the New York State Thruway and providing intermodal freight transport with the railroads.

  • One of the first activities on the canal was a regular service for passengers and freight between 's-Hertogenbosch and Maastricht. The journey took two days, with an overnight stay in Weert.
  • Throughout this period, trackless freight systems and electric canal boats were also built.
  • In addition, the Cape Cod Canal Railroad Bridge carries railway freight and provides limited passenger service onto the Cape.
  • But by the turn of the 20th century, the Erie Canal had already been largely supplanted by the railroads, which had been constructed across New York and could carry freight more quickly and cheaply.
  • The Panama Canal Railway is the only passenger and freight railway in the country.

  • The railroad supplied passenger service on the branch until 1933. Freight service would continue until 1982, when Conrail abandoned the line through Williamsburg.
  • Mules pulled freight and passengers to and from the city on the tracks.
  • Until the 1950s, freight and other cargo was still carried on the canals, by then owned by the railway companies.
  • No longer used for freight, the waterway is now popular with anglers and narrowboaters.
  • The river is a busy freight transport route, with barges to the city as well as passing through on the way between the industrial regions of Germany and the docks at Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Hook of Holland.

  • The captain was responsible for the freight and the ship; he had to replace all loss.
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