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freight unpaidFracht unbezahlt
unpaid {adj}unbezahlt
unpaid {adj}ehrenamtlich
unpaid advertisingunbezahlte Werbung {f}
to remain unpaidoffenstehen
unpaid leave
unbezahlter Urlaub {m}
unpaid itemoffener Posten {m}
unpaid {adj} [unsalaried]unbesoldet
unpaid bills
nichteingelöste Wechsel {pl}
unpaid dividendrückständige Dividende {f}
unpaid accountsunbezahlte Rechnungen {pl}
duty unpaid {adj}unverzollt
unpaid employmentunbezahlte Beschäftigung {f}
unpaid balanceRestsumme {f}
unpaid helperunbezahlter Helfer {m}
unpaid amounts
ausstehende Einlagen {pl}
unpaid leave
Karenz {f} [österr.] [unbezahlter Urlaub]
to work unpaidohne Bezahlung arbeiten
subscribed capital unpaid ausstehende Einlagen {pl} auf das gezeichnete Kapital
(unpaid) voluntary serviceehrenamtliche Mitarbeit {f}
unpaid family workersunbezahlt mithelfende Familienangehörige {pl}
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Penn State University had begun to represent an important source of freight and passenger traffic, although the railroad frequently clashed with the school over unpaid bills.
  • Two other problems are that unpaid consignors or freight carriers may wish to hold goods until payment is made, and that fraudulent individuals may seek to take delivery in place of the legitimate consignees.
  • In May 2015 AFRIX Motorsport of South Africa announced that they had purchased the remaining 21 'Powered by Ferrari' A1GP cars – together with their engines and spares, but less engine management electronics and steering wheels – from Delivered on Time, a freight company that had been granted a lien on the vehicles "in lieu" of unpaid bills.
  • When the 1904 World's Fair ended, the "Vulcan" statue was dismantled and returned to its home city of Birmingham, only to be left in pieces alongside the railroad tracks due to unpaid freight bills.
  • As a result of HM Revenue & Customs successfully applying in October 2009 to have Advenza Freight wound up over unpaid taxes, Cotswold Rail entered voluntary administration in January 2010.

  • ", a fast-freight firm, the United States Express Co., sued the railroad and its trustees seeking payment for services rendered.
  • In June 2017 Freight Books was offered for sale through the Publishing Scotland website.
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