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NOUN   a friction factor | friction factors
friction factor
Reibungs­faktor {m}
friction factor
Reibungs­koeffizient {m}
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Übersetzung für 'friction factor' von Englisch nach Deutsch

friction factor
Reibungs­faktor {m}tech.

Reibungs­koeffizient {m}materialphys.tech.
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  • In engineering, the Moody chart or Moody diagram (also Stanton diagram) is a graph in non-dimensional form that relates the Darcy–Weisbach friction factor "f'D", Reynolds number Re, and surface roughness for fully developed flow in a circular pipe.
  • the friction factor varies less than one order of magnitude (...).
  • Unlike Fanno flow, the Fanning friction factor, "f", remains constant.
  • The rate of decline of the interaction (called alternatively, the impedance or friction factor, or the utility or propensity function) has to be empirically measured, and varies by context.
  • Both Swamee–Aggarwal equation and the Darby–Melson equation can be combined to give an explicit equation for determining the friction factor of Bingham plastic fluids in any regime.
  • Blasius developed an expression of friction factor in 1913 for the flow in the regime [...].
  • In the United States, [...] is referred to as Manning's friction factor, or Manning's constant. In Europe, the Strickler [...] is the same as Manning's [...] , i.e., the reciprocal of [...].
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