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NOUN   a friction force | friction forces
friction forceReibungs­kraft {f}
friction force
Reibkraft {f}
force of friction
Reibungs­kraft {f}
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Übersetzung für 'friction force' von Englisch nach Deutsch

friction force
Reibungs­kraft {f}

Reibkraft {f}tech.

force of friction
Reibungs­kraft {f}phys.
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  • However, the magnitude of the friction force itself depends on the normal force, and hence on the mass of the block.
  • For a situation with no movement, the static friction force "exactly" balances the applied force resulting in no acceleration.
  • The variance of friction force between different surfaces (e.g. ...
  • At this point, the device relied upon the friction force between the cards to achieve some kind of randomness.
  • If the right conditions are met, such as geometric constraints of the lump, an accumulation of energy can cause a clear change in the material's contact and plastic behavior, increasing the friction force required for adhesion and further movement.
  • Compared with standard IC sockets, they achieve a lower friction force between the contacts of the device and the socket, making insertion and removal of the device easier, while at the same time eliminating the need for the complex mechanism that is used in ZIF sockets.
  • The increased weight increases the available friction force for braking.
  • This sliding requires a considerable force to make it happen, and the friction force resisting the sliding is designated "L", the lateral force.
  • The speed-dependence of the friction force is linear (...) at very low speeds (Stokes drag) and quadratic (...) at larger speeds (Newton drag).
  • The contact/friction force in CE is to induce strong overlap between the electron clouds (or wave function in physics, bonding in chemistry).
  • When the two graphite surfaces are in registry (every 60 degrees), the friction force is high.
  • This is due to adhesive pads on their feet called lamellas, which are made up of tiny hairs which increase friction force when applied to surfaces.
  • These laws were further developed by Charles-Augustin de Coulomb (in 1785), who noticed that static friction force may depend on the contact time and sliding (kinetic) friction may depend on sliding velocity, normal force and contact area.
  • In that case the friction force only has an "x" component, and the normal force only has a "y" component.
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