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ADJ   frictionless | - | -
frictionless {adj}reibungs­los
frictionless {adj}reibungs­frei
almost frictionless {adj}reibungs­arm
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  • This offered the advantages of frictionless start-ups, frictionless gear shifting with constant traction, freewheeling through emptying of the hydrodynamic circuit, and more efficient operation of the fluid coupling.
  • Asset management supervision or investment acts ensures the frictionless operation of those vehicles.
  • Before Peter Ladefoged coined the term "approximant" in the 1960s, the terms "frictionless continuant" and "semivowel" were used to refer to non-lateral approximants.
  • Through the following centuries, a close albeit not always frictionless connection with the Salem Monastery, to which the village had been subordinate since 1324.
  • connected by an inextensible, massless string suspended on two frictionless pulleys of zero radius such that the pendulum can swing freely around its pulley without colliding with the counterweight.

  • The resultant force provides required centripetal force. Without this centripetal force frictionless objects would slide towards the equator.
  • “Superlubricity is a frictionless tribological state sometimes occurring in nanoscale material junctions”.
  • Drum brakes emit less particulate matter (PM) than disc brakes, as the wear-particles are mostly sealed in. They are not better in this regard than frictionless brakes though.
  • In the game, the laws of physics are modeled fully, so ships do not behave like aircraft: they behave like spaceships in a frictionless vacuum.
  • Writing for "The Guardian", author Sarah Perry praised Mitchell's "consciously easeful and frictionless" prose.

  • API based E-mandate process is expected to make the process fast, frictionless and paperless.
  • This theory assumes that the fluid flowing through a nano-channel has a frictionless slip length.
  • Superfluidity, the frictionless flow of a liquid at temperatures near absolute zero, is one well-known example.
  • In economic theory a frictionless market is a financial market without transaction costs.
  • It can provide frictionless, accurate and instant switching actions that are necessary to operate the changeover point at 30 degrees.

  • As before, frictionless flow in steady-state conditions implies that [...].
  • If the monomers can be approximated as soft spheres, then [...] as in the jamming of soft frictionless spheres.
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