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NOUN   a frustule | frustules
Frustel {f}
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Übersetzung für 'frustule' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Frustel {f}biol.
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  • A frustule is the hard and porous cell wall or external layer of diatoms.
  • The margins of the two thecae are covered by a connecting band called a cingulum and all together are referred to as a frustule.
  • The formation of a spore with a thick frustule increases the density of the diatom, allowing a drop in the water column to the sediment or pycnocline where reduced light, and potentially cooler temperatures may increase the lifespan of the spore by reducing the metabolic imbalance between demand and resource availability.
  • In certain groups of diatoms it refers to microscopically punctured regions of the frustule, or outer layer.
  • The silica skeleton of a diatom cell (called the frustule) consists of an epitheca and an hypotheca.

  • The "Richelia" endosymbiont is found within the diatom frustule of "Hemiaulus" spp., and has a reduced genome likely losing genes related to pathways the host now provides. Additionally, both host and symbiont cell growth were much greater than free-living "Richelia intracellularis" or symbiont-free "Hemiaulus" spp. The "Hemaiulus"-"Richelia" symbiosis is not obligatory especially in areas with excess nitrogen (nitrogen replete).
  • Syneresis has also been proposed as the mechanism of formation for the amorphous silicate composing the frustule of diatoms.
  • Limnomedusae polyps can asexually produce a creeping "frustule" larval form, which crawls away before developing into another polyp.
  • Diatoms are divided into two groups that are distinguished by the shape of the frustule: the "centric diatoms" and the "pennate diatoms".
  • "Skeletonema" are cylindrical shaped with a silica frustule.

  • pseudocurvisetus" is characterized by its frustule, or cell wall, which is composed of silicon dioxide and other organic matter.
  • Their frustules remain undissolved because they are surrounded by an organic matrix.
  • Diatoms are enclosed in protective silica (glass) shells called frustules.
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