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mass fraction <w, g/g>
Massenprozent {n} <Gew.-%, % (w/w)> [ugs.] [Massenanteil]
mass ratio <g/g, ζ>
Massenverhältnis {n} <g/g, ζ> [Formelzeichen: ζ; Einheit (Beispiel): g/g]
mass concentration <g/L, g/dL, γ, p>
Massenkonzentration {f} <g/l, g/dl, β, p> [Formelzeichen: β, p; Einheit (Beispiel): g/l, g/dl]
Big G [coll.] [(Newtonian) gravitational constant] <G>
(Newton'sche) Gravitationskonstante {f} <G>
main gauche {adv} <M.G., m.g.> [used as a direction in keyboard music]
mit der linken Hand
G and T <G & T> [a drink of gin and tonic (water)]
Gin Tonic {m}
G minor <g, Gm>
g-Moll {n} <g, Gm>
grams per liter [Am.] <g/l, g/L>
Gramm {pl} pro Liter <g/l, g/L>
G flat <G♭>
Ges {n} <G♭>
G sharp <G♯>
Gis {n} <G♯>
G major <G>
G-Dur {n} <G>
German appropriateness evaluation protocol (criteria) <G-AEP, G-AEP criteria>
G-AEP-Kriterien {pl} [auch nur G-AEP]
National Basketball Association Gatorade League <NBA Gatorade League, NBA G League, G-League>
NBA Gatorade League {f} <NBA G League, G-League>
G sharp minor <G♯ minor>
gis-Moll {n} <gis, Gism, G♯m>
G sharp major <G♯ major>
Gis-Dur {n} <Gis, G♯>
G-Saite {f}
G-forceAndruck {m}
vertikale Beschleunigung {f}
Minislip {m}
Stringtanga {m}
G [sl.]Gangster {m}
G [sl.]Bandenmitglied {n}
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  • Massenverhältnis {n} <g/g, ζ> [Formelzeichen: ζ; Einheit (Beispiel): g/g] = mass ratio <g/g, ζ>
  • geschützte geografische Angabe <g. g. A.> = protected geographical indication <PGI>
  • geschützte geographische Angabe {f} <g.g.A., G.G.A.> = protected geographical indication <PGI>
  • g-Moll {n} <g, Gm> = G minor <g, Gm>
  • Massenkonzentration {f} <g/l, g/dl, β, p> [Formelzeichen: β, p; Einheit (Beispiel): g/l, g/dl] = mass concentration <g/L, g/dL, γ, p>
  • Gramm {pl} pro Liter <g/l, g/L> = grams per liter [Am.] <g/l, g/L>
  • G-Dur {n} <G> = G major <G>
  • NBA Gatorade League {f} <NBA G League, G-League> = National Basketball Association Gatorade League <NBA Gatorade League, NBA G League, G-League>
  • G-Zelle {f} = G cell
  • Giga- <G> = giga- <G> [10 ^ 9]
  • G-Kräfte {pl} <g-Kräfte> = G-forces
  • G-Schlüssel {m} = G clef
  • G-Saite {f} = G string
  • Gis {n} <G♯> = G sharp <G♯>
  • Ges {n} <G♭> = G flat <G♭>
  • Grammatur {f} <G> = grammage <gsm>
  • G-Zone {f} = Gräfenberg spot
  • G-Punkt {m} = Gräfenberg spot
  • G-Protein {n} = G protein
  • Gramm {pl} <g> = grams <g>
  • Gluon {n} <g> = gluon <g>
  • G-Man {m} = g-man [Am.] [sl.] [short for Government Man]
  • Schubmodul {m} <G> = shear modulus <G>
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • In 2022, he reprised his "Child's Play" role in the second season finale of the television series "Chucky", titled "Chucky Actually", as a merged incarnation of Glen and Glenda Tilly, known as G.G.
  • Duke Energy operates the G. G. Allen Steam Station on Lake Wylie (the Catawba River) south of Belmont. First built in 1957, the Allen Station is a five-unit 1,140-megawatt coal-fired power plant.
  • The commutator subgroup can also be defined as the set of elements "g" of the group that have an expression as a product "g" = "g"1 "g"2 ... "g'k" that can be rearranged to give the identity.
  • From nearby Manchester, New Hampshire was G.G. Allin, a solo singer who contrary to straight edge used large amounts of drugs and alcohol, eventually dying of a heroin overdose.
  • For instance, the interval from F up to the B above it (in short, F–B) is a tritone as it can be decomposed into the three adjacent whole tones F–G, G–A, and A–B.

  • The song "Dedicated to Norbert Wiener" appears as the second track on the 1980 album "Why?" by G.G. Tonet (Luigi Tonet), released on the Italian "It Why" label.
  • In November, Parkinson was appointed a member of the Committee for the management of Raffles Library and Museum, replacing Professor G. G. Hough who had resigned.
  • Bertrand Russell, the first to discuss the paradox in print, attributed it to G.
  • The RSUs included six-wheel-drive trucks, Coles cranes, and large trailers, and were particularly active from mid-1941 when Air Vice-Marshal G.G.
  • There are two subspecies: the Old World form, "Gulo gulo gulo", and the New World form, "G.

  • Shakur's second album, "Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z...", was released in February 1993.
  • The south side of the valley is dominated by a gritstone escarpment overlooking Otley called the Chevin and to the north is Newall Carr.
  • The chromatic scale has no set enharmonic spelling that is always used.
  • Unlike previous campaign settings, in which the calendar was frozen at a point chosen by the author, the "Living Greyhawk" calendar did advance one year in game time for every calendar year in real time: the campaign started in 591 CY (2001) and ended in 598 CY (2008), at which point over a thousand adventures had been produced for an audience of over ten thousand players.—the reverse homophone of his own name originally ascribed to the mad architect of his original thirteen level dungeon.
  • By 14:00 on 30 May, the wind was still too strong and the final decision was made to use the alternative plan.

  • Intramolecular base pairs can occur within single-stranded nucleic acids.
  • On October 21, 1902, Governor William Wright Heard issued a proclamation declaring that Section 16, Township 4, North Range 10 West was incorporated as Hornbeck; with W.M.
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