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NOUN   a G-man | G-men
G-man [Am.] [coll.]FBI-Mann {m}
g-man [Am.] [sl.] [short for Government Man]G-Man {m}
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  • Cale again returned to record producing, producing Belgian pop singer Lio's third studio album "Pop model" (1986), and Happy Mondays's debut studio album, "Squirrel and G-Man Twenty Four Hour Party People Plastic Face Carnt Smile (White Out)" (1987).
  • The branch "Süddeutsche Brückenbau A.G." (MAN-Werk Gustavsburg) was founded when the company in 1859 was awarded the contract for the construction of the railway bridge over the Rhine at Mainz.
  • In 1996, MC Sleifar (Steffan Cravos) and G Man (Gruff Meredith) got together and released a few cassettes themselves.
  • Shortly after, Allie Hartwick joined the air staff, along with longtime market veteran "The G-Man" taking over nights.
  • "G-man" (short for "government man", plural "G-men") is an American slang term for agents of the United States Government.
  • The "G-Man Club" became "The Archie Club" the next issue.
  • Michael Shapiro is an American actor, and theatre director, best known for voicing the "Half-Life" characters G-Man and Barney Calhoun and the only voice actor who worked in all Half Life games.
  • gave it a more reserved total rating of 74%, but added that "if this is the kind of game you're into, you won't find a better cartridge for your NES this side of "Low G Man"."
  • Felt published two memoirs: "The FBI Pyramid" in 1979 (updated in 2006) and "A G-Man's Life", written with John O'Connor in 2006.
  • He portrayed legendary FBI agent Melvin Purvis in two made-for-television movies "Melvin Purvis: G-Man" (1974) and "The Kansas City Massacre" (1975).
  • In "Half-Life", the protagonist Gordon Freeman is put into a state of Stasis after a brief discussion with the G-Man.
  • Machine Gun Kelly and his crimes are portrayed in films such as "Machine-Gun Kelly" (1958), "The FBI Story" (1959) and "Melvin Purvis: G-Man" (1974).
  • Cyril started out as a G-Man, working in the FBI's River Patrol Division.
  • "Squirrel and G-Man Twenty Four Hour Party People Plastic Face Carnt Smile (White Out)" received generally positive reviews from music critics, some liked Happy Mondays' musicianship, while others were indifferent to Cale's production.
  • The game takes place five years before "Half-Life 2," and Gordon is still being held in stasis by the G-Man.
  • g. "man’ -ok" [...] (be.able-COS) ‘was able’.
  • After Greg and Anita reconcile following her interrupted debut performance, Anita leaves with Billie for a photo op.
  • When creating The Avenger, Paul Ernst drew on elements from characters he had previously created; Seekay (a private detective with a disfigured face who wears a plastic mask); The Wraith (a crimefighter who used both a knife and a gun); Dick Bullitt (with his gray features); Old Stone Face (the G-Man with the emotionless visage); the Gray Marauder and Karlu the Mystic.
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