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Gabelle {f} [Salzsteuer in Frankreich bis 1790]
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Übersetzung für 'gabelle' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Gabelle {f} [Salzsteuer in Frankreich bis 1790]econ.hist.
  • Gabelle {f} [Salzsteuer in Frankreich bis 1790] = gabelle
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  • In 1343, salt became a state monopoly by order of the Valois king Philip VI, who established the "gabelle", the tax on salt.
  • After further dispute with the provincial authorities over the gabelle salt tax, Henri IV issued further letters patent on 23 September 1608 declaring the people of Boisbelle free of all tax in perpetuity.
  • The unpopular salt tax, known as the "gabelle", was collected by the "Ferme Générale".
  • The port was important during the "salt era" until the beginning of the 20th century. The "gabelle" or salt tax was significant in the area.
  • Certain provinces and cities had won special privileges, such as lower rates for the "gabelle" or salt tax.

  • The Salt Industry Commission was an organization created in 758, during the decline of Tang dynasty China, used to raise tax revenue from the state monopoly of the salt trade, or salt gabelle.
  • French finances during the war were mainly financed by the increase in the taille tax, as well as indirect taxes like the gabelle and customs fees.
  • The ubiquity of salt use caused the French government to impose the gabelle, a tax on salt consumption.
  • The day before the French Revolution in 1789, almost all the rights of indirect drafts and rights (like the "gabelle", the tax on tobacco, and a number of local taxes) were awarded.
  • The cause was the instituting of the gabelle (salt tax) in 1661 — a measure contrary to traditional constitutions of the earldom (the earldom of Roussillon and Cerdanya, the lands of the crown of Majorca from 1276 to 1344).

  • This freedom would be short lived as Napoleon Bonaparte reinstated the "gabelle" in 1804, this time without major exemptions for regions such as Brittany.
  • The new charges involved more expense for small farmers and townspeople compared to the privileged classes, and implied an introduction of gabelle.
  • Humbert's agreement further stipulated that Dauphiné would be exempted from many taxes (like the gabelle); this statute was the subject of much subsequent parliamentary debate at the regional level, as local leaders sought to defend this regional autonomy and privilege from the state's assaults.
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