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to go missingverschwinden
to go missingabhandenkommen
to go missingverloren gehen
to go missinghopsgehen [ugs.] [verloren gehen]
1-800-Missing / [later:] Missing
Missing - Verzweifelt gesucht
missing {adj}verloren gegangen
missing {adj}vermisst
missing {adj}verloren
missing {adj}fehlend
missing {adj}nicht vorhanden
missing {adj}ausbleibend
missing {adj}verabsäumend [Amtssprache]
missing {adj}verschollen
missing {adj}abgängig
missing {adj}verschwunden
missing {adj}versäumend
missing componentfehlende Komponente {f}
missing linkMissing Link {n} {m}
gone missing {past-p}abhandengekommen
to be missingfehlen
missing personsvermisste Personen {pl}
missing number
fehlende Zahl {f}
missing peopleVermisste {pl}
missing manVermisster {m}
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  • ... Newshub) reported an electrical fault on the “Countdown” signage causing the first “O” to go missing at Auckland Airport Countdown.
  • Missing People (previously known as National Missing Persons Helpline) is a national organisation in the United Kingdom that offers assistance to people who run away and/or go missing and their families.
  • A major complication in remastering the original work was having many of the critical game files go missing or on archaic formats.
  • The document and Howard's boss James Angleton go missing, and Howard must locate them.
  • Afterwards, fishermen go missing at sea, typhoons arrive, "bancas" capsize or cargo ships sink.

  • Blake and Jenna go missing and Avon becomes the new leader.
  • After the scientist leaves, Walter invites friends over for a party. At first, a cat and the lab janitor go missing.
  • Charlie Catchpole from the "Daily Mirror" said of Mo's arrival: "I'm sure, that no sooner does a Romanian weightlifter go missing from the Olympics than Mighty Mo Harris arrives in Albert Square."
  • During that day, two girls go missing.
  • The story begins when Kururin's brothers and sisters go missing, and it is up to him to find them.

  • These officers would often go missing when she arrived.
  • A season 6 episode of the Canadian sitcom "Letterkenny" entitled "Dyck's Slip Out" features two characters who go missing on their rumspringa.
  • After leaving the show on 1 June 2018, he later returned yet again from 27 July to 12 September in the same year for another story arc where Anna and Finn go missing.
  • Nova Friburgo was affected by the 2011 Brazilian floods on 11 January with mudslides causing at least 820 deaths and more than 200 people to go missing in the biggest natural disaster in the history of Brazil.
  • Using the signature on the card as a verification method has a number of security flaws, the most obvious being the relative ease with which cards may go missing before their legitimate owners can sign them.

  • Gibson announced his intention to stand in the next election in 2006, stating that he would rather "die with my boots on and go missing in action than crawl into early retirement and wear slippers and pantaloons".
  • When the scientist's experimental bioengineered creatures go missing, the pair discover that the zone still contains deadly old secrets.
  • They also needed to keep track of cars, which could go missing for months at a time.
  • A collision between the EP-3 and one of the J-8s caused a PRC pilot to go missing (later presumed dead); the EP-3 was forced to make an emergency landing on Hainan without approved permission from the Chinese authorities.
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