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NOUN1   gold background painting [genre] | -
NOUN2   a gold background painting [picture] | gold background paintings
gold background painting
Goldgrundmalerei {f}
gold-flash / gold flash broom [Genista pilosa, syn.: G. decumbens, G. repens, G. tuberculata, Spartium pilosum, Telinaria pilosa]
Haar-Ginster / Haarginster {m}
gold-flash / gold flash broom [Genista pilosa, syn.: G. decumbens, G. repens, G. tuberculata, Spartium pilosum, Telinaria pilosa]
Behaarter Ginster {m}
gold-fly / gold fly [Lucilia sericata, syn.: Phaenicia sericata]
Schafschmeißfliege {f}
gold-fly / gold fly [Lucilia sericata, syn.: Phaenicia sericata]
Goldfliege {f}
backgroundFondfläche {f}
Vorgeschichte {f} [eines Menschen, Ereignisses etc.]
backgroundStallgeruch {m} [fig.]
Folie {f} [geh.] [fig.] [geistiger Hintergrund, von dem sich etwas abhebt]
backgroundHintergrund {m}
ungeprüft background {adj}dahinterstehend
backgroundBackground {m}
professional background
beruflicher Werdegang {m}
background {sg}Gegebenheiten {pl}
background noiseGeräusch {n} im Hintergrund
background story
Hintergrundgeschichte {f}
migrant background
Migrationshintergrund {m}
background luminanceUmfeldhelligkeit {f}
background field
Hintergrundfeld {n}
desktop background
Bildschirmhintergrund {m}
background illumination
Hintergrundbeleuchtung {f}
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • One painter was painting on the blue background, and the other was painting on the gold background in which the miniatures are situated in a rich architectonic frame.
  • In his painting of the transfiguration at the Convent of Saint Mark in Florence, Fra Angelico emphasized the white garment by using a light gold background, placed in an almond-shaped halo.
  • The main scene is set in a circular tondo with a gold background, surrounded by a grisaille painting of a battle between angels and demons.
  • The background of the painting was sprinkled with fine gold powder using a technique called scattering.
  • The stereotypical standard painting in the "Rinpa" style involves simple natural subjects such as birds, plants and flowers, with the background filled in with gold leaf.

  • There are seven temples in all. The Tshogs-khang is decorated with exquisite painting including some with deities on a black background outlined in gold.
  • One distinctive feature of paintings by local artists from coastal Croatia is a red background in place of the costlier gold.
  • It was painted around the 1690s, but uses the gold background more characteristic of medieval paintings.
  • The panel upon which this painting was created is adorned with specialized, intricate, and ornamental carving in lieu of a painted background.
  • They include family mottoes and lie within a clouded background bordered with gold seraphim.

  • He allows the sunset in the background to appear as molten gold.
  • The frescoes on the walls and ceiling, on a background imitating gold mosaic, are by Ridolfo Ghirlandaio.
  • Considering the alchemist background of Cosimo Rosselli (the painter's teacher and father-in-law), it has been suggested that the painting "can be explained in terms of the pictorial language of alchemy".
  • Her clothing and background all suggest that she is of higher class.
  • Quickly, the environment took the spotlight while man was relegated to the background.

  • The background suggests the smoke of battle, with a few houses in the distance on the left.
  • Art critic John Anthony Thwaites pointed to von Huendeberg's Russian-Baltic heritage and the golden background used in Russian icons.
  • Considerable effort has been placed in creating realistic backgrounds to the illustrations.
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