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backed by gold {adj} {past-p}
durch Gold gedeckt
backed by gold {adj} [currency] [postpos.]
common gold-backed woodpecker [Dinopium javanense]
Feuerrückenspecht {m}
Himalayan gold-backed woodpecker [Dinopium shorii]
Braunhalsspecht {m}
Himalayan gold-backed woodpecker [Dinopium shorii]
Himalaya-Feuerrückenspecht {m}
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  • In mid-1948, inflation reached such a rate that wheelbarrows full of bank notes were insufficient to keep pace with price changes The government replaced the worthless "fabi" with a new, gold-backed "Chin-yuan Chuan" ("Jinyuan quan") at a rate of three million to one.
  • From 1879 to 1897, there was a populist push to switch the gold-backed dollar to silver.
  • But after the end of the gold-backed fixed-exchange rate system in 1971, contracts based on foreign currencies began to be traded.
  • Instead, Lithuania introduced the gold-backed Lithuanian litas in 1922.
  • It was then able to introduce fully gold-backed Lithuanian litas on October 2, 1922.

  • The soundness of the American dollar also had implications for access to international trade, which was dominated by the gold-backed British pound sterling and German mark.
  • These were to be payable in the new gold-backed chervonets currency at any state bank of the Soviet Union.
  • The annual fee charged by State Street Corporation as sponsor of SPDR Gold Shares, the largest gold-backed fund in the world, is 0.40% of the assets in the fund.
  • Tiffany in a gold-backed vaulted ceiling. The mosaics depicted ancient Roman coinmaking methods.
  • On 21 February 2018, petro gold, a gold-backed cryptocurrency, was announced in a televised speech given by Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.

  • On 30 August 1924, the Rentenmark was replaced as legal tender by the "Reichsmark", a new gold-backed currency.
  • A new, gold backed currency is pending issuance. It will be a gold-backed "Kina" (not PNG Kina) worth 1 gm of gold.
  • The party's name referred to the non-gold backed paper money, commonly known as "greenbacks," that had been issued by the North during the American Civil War and shortly afterward.
  • It was also used to outlaw most ownership of gold in an attempt to prop up the gold-backed dollar.
  • The Act creating the Rentenmark backed the currency by means of twice yearly payments on property, due in April and October, payable for five years.

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