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NOUN   a gold band | gold bands
gold band [jewelry]Goldring {m}
cigar with a gold bandZigarre {f} mit goldener Banderole
gold-band fusilier [Pterocaesio chrysozona]
Goldstreifen-Füsilier {m}
gold-band goatfish [Upeneus moluccensis]
Molukkenbarbe {f}
goldband / gold-band lily [Lilium auratum, syn.: L. auratum var. wittei, L. auratum var. virginale]
(Japanische) Goldband-Lilie / Goldbandlilie {f}
Japanese goldband / gold-band lily [Lilium auratum, syn.: L. auratum var. wittei, L. auratum var. virginale]
(Japanische) Goldband-Lilie / Goldbandlilie {f}
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  • The flags of the People's Navy for combat ships and boats bore the coat of arms with olive branch wreath on red, for auxiliary ships and boats on blue flag cloth with a narrow and centrally arranged black-red-gold band.
  • After the Grateful Dead, the couple started the Heart of Gold Band.
  • A similar trade dress to the Cuban product has been used by General Cigar for its competing version of the Partagás brand, employing a red-and-gold band scheme, save with the word "Habana" replaced by the date "1845" on the packaging.
  • The sub-officer ranks are the same as Argentine army ranks, and wear the same insignia, but with a much thicker gold band for a Gendarmerie Principal Sub-Officer than is used in the Army.
  • The line "Everybody's playing in the Heart of Gold Band" was used by Keith and Donna Godchaux to name their new group "Heart of Gold Band" when they left Grateful Dead in 1979.

  • Generally they lasted longer in Italy, although often reduced to a thin gold band depicting the outer edge of the nimbus, usual for example in Giovanni Bellini.
  • The ribbon is 32 millimetres wide, with a 5 millimetre wide national flag blue band, a 2 millimetre wide white band, a 6 millimetre wide national flag red band, and a 1½ millimetre wide gold band, repeated in reverse order and separated by a 3 millimetre wide black band in the centre.
  • The ribbon is 32 millimetres wide and national flag blue with, in the centre, a 2 millimetres wide gold band, a 2 millimetres wide black band and a 2 millimetres wide gold band.
  • CardBus cards can be distinguished from older cards by the presence of a gold band with eight small studs on the top of the card next to the pin sockets.
  • The new uniform is grey skirt/trousers with a maroon v neck sweater with an added gold band around the v.

  • The peak of the junior officer's cap has a gold band along the forward edge, that of the senior officer has a row of gold oak leaves across the forward edge, while that of the flag officer has two rows of gold oak leaves, one along the forward edge and one near the cap band.
  • Below is a broad white stripe bearing the then emblem of the African Union at its center followed by a narrow gold band and broad green stripe at the bottom.
  • At the Annual meeting on Thursday 3 March 1921 the club decided its colours to be black and gold, the guernsey to be black with a gold hoop around waist and arms, black socks with gold band, and white knickers.
  • She wears a gold band on her right hand. This makes her status ambiguous - people she meets may think she is wearing a ring for sentimental reasons, or perhaps that she is married but from another culture, but most likely that she is one of the many women widowed during World War I.
  • Additionally, general officers wear one broad gold band on each of the lower sleeves of the service dress tunic.

  • The current first team kit consists of a white jersey with a gold band across the chest along with the club crest and sponsor (currently local telecommunications company; Sure), black shorts and black and gold striped socks.
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