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NOUN   a grassy knoll | grassy knolls
grassy knollGrashügel {m}
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Übersetzung für 'grassy knoll' von Englisch nach Deutsch

grassy knoll
Grashügel {m}
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Weberman, continued the deconstruction of the poetry of Bob Dylan and speculation about tramps on the Grassy Knoll through various websites.
  • Musicians take the stage under the pavilion while the audience sets out chairs and blankets in the grassy knoll below.
  • El Portal also boasts links to prehistoric Indian life at the Little River Mound, a four-foot-high, innocuous grassy knoll that is actually an ancient burial ground.
  • The former cable station is a two-storey rendered masonry building situated on a grassy knoll of La Perouse Headland facing north overlooking Frenchman's Bay.
  • 16 second to then face Abraham Zapruder and the grassy knoll by Z-217.
  • At the moment of the assassination, Bowers was operating the Union Terminal Company's two-story interlocking tower, overlooking the parking lot around 120 yards north of the grassy knoll and west of the Texas School Book Depository.
  • They were across the street from Abraham Zapruder and the Dealey Plaza grassy knoll.
  • A grassy knoll opposite the Gunn Inn was anciently called "Wedenshaw" or "Woden's Hawe" after the pagan god Woden.
  • It was self-published ('Grassy Knoll Press') as a pamphlet, and the full text appeared in the December, 1966 issue of "Ramparts" magazine.
  • south of the south curb of Elm Street in Dealey Plaza, directly across from the grassy knoll and the North Pergola concrete structure that Abraham Zapruder and his assistant Marilyn Sitzman were standing on — during the assassination.
  • The grassy knoll is a small, sloping hill inside the plaza that became of interest following the assassination of United States President John F.
  • "Musica" is a bronze statue that sits upon a grassy knoll at the center of a traffic rotary where the confluence of Division Street and 16th Avenue North happens, known as the Music Row Roundabout or Buddy Killen Circle.
  • After watching this man, Hill crossed the street and was one of many witnesses and authorities who first ran toward the grassy knoll after the shots ended.
  • He stated that the work "was clearly ghostwritten", and eventually agreed to write an introduction focusing on his early friendship with Hunt after he received a revised manuscript "with the loony grassy-knoll bits chiseled out".
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