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ADJ   grassy | grassier | grassiest
grassy {adj} [covered in grass]grasbedeckt
grassy {adj}grasig
grassy {adj}grasbewachsen
grassy {adj} [e.g. plain, strip]Gras- [z. B. Ebene, Streifen]
grassy {adj}grasartig
grassy {adj}grasreich
2 Wörter
grassy area
Grünfläche {f}
grassy bankRasenbank {f}
grassy knollGrashügel {m}
grassy landscapeGraslandschaft {f}
grassy plain
Grasebene {f}
grassy plains
Grasfluren {pl}
grassy slopeGrashang {m}
grassy spotGrasfleck {m} [auf dem Waldboden etc.]
grassy stripGrasstreifen {m}
Fiktion (Literatur und Film)
Grassy Plains [The Neverending Story]
Gräsernes Meer {n} [Die unendliche Geschichte]
Taxa/Spezies (Tiere, Pflanzen, Pilze)
grassy arrowhead [Sagittaria graminea, syn.: S. graminea var. chapmanii, S. weatherbyana]
Grasblättriges Pfeilkraut {n}
grassy pondweed [Potamogeton gramineus]
Gras-Laichkraut {n}
grassy pondweed [Potamogeton gramineus]
Grasartiges Laichkraut {n}
grassy pondweed [Potamogeton gramineus]
Grasblättriges Laichkraut {n}
grassy rush [Butomus umbellatus, syn.: B. junceus, B. vulgaris]
Blumenbinse {f}
grassy rush [Butomus umbellatus, syn.: B. junceus, B. vulgaris]
Wasserviole {f}
grassy rush [Butomus umbellatus, syn.: B. junceus, B. vulgaris]
Blumenschilf {n}
grassy rush [Butomus umbellatus, syn.: B. junceus, B. vulgaris]
(Doldiges) Wasserliesch {n}
grassy rush [Butomus umbellatus, syn.: B. junceus, B. vulgaris]
(Doldige) Schwanenblume {f}
grassy starwort [Stellaria graminea]
Grasmiere {f}
grassy starwort [Stellaria graminea]
Gras-Sternmiere / Grassternmiere {f}
grassy-leaved sweet flag [Acorus gramineus, syn.: A. gramineus var. pusillus, A. humilis, A. pusillus, A. xiangyeus]
Lakritz-Kalmus / Lakritzkalmus {m}
grassy-leaved sweet flag [Acorus gramineus, syn.: Acorus pusillus]
Zwerg-Kalmus {m}
grassy-leaved sweet flag [Acorus gramineus, syn.: Acorus pusillus]
Schmalblättriger Kalmus {m}
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  • Gramais was first documented in 1427. The name deduce from lat. "Graminosa" (grassy) or from romance "grumoso" (weed-rich), rather "grassy area".
  • Grassy balds are relatively blunt summits covered by a dense sward of native grasses.
  • It inhabits marshes, grassy edges of ponds and lakes, rice fields, and flooded grassy fields.
  • "Adenomera martinezi" occurs in grassy field environments associated with rock outcrops in sandy/muddy soil.
  • "Hyperolius igbettensis" occurs in savannas and grassy habitats, but not in drier areas. Breeding takes place near pools, grassy flooded areas, and ditches. The males call from grasses above water.
  • Grassy woodlands are another prime ecosystem within Serendip.
  • The top of the mountain is a grassy bald that affords a panoramic view.
  • Gregory Bald is a type of mountain known as a grassy bald.
  • Willis was also documented in the HSCA report stating that her father, military veteran Phillip Willis, became very upset when the Dallas policemen, sheriffs, and detectives ran away from the grassy knoll, after they had first quickly run onto the grassy knoll where he thought a shot had been fired from.
  • Grassy Point had its start as a pioneer trading post.
  • Ecologically, the coastal grassy region of the Illawarra is within the "Illawarra Lowlands Grassy Woodland" biome.
  • According to some researchers, the grassy knoll was identified by most witnesses as the area from where shots were fired.
  • A sealed road divides the reserve, with a grassy area in the western corner, surrounded by rainforest. Another grassy area to the north by the railway line also abuts onto the rainforest.
  • In Australia, the region is known as, or corresponds to, the Grey Box Grassy Woodlands and Derived Native Grasslands of South-Eastern Australia, which are described as "temperate eucalypt woodlands with a grassy understorey".
  • The heavy clay soil originally supported a Grey Box and Red Gum grassy woodland, and grassy wetlands to the north of Grogans Road.
  • Grassy took its name in the 1870s from the local Grassy School; the school was so named for the condition of its grassy schoolyard. A post office operated under the name Arthur from 1886 to 1907.
  • It has been found in open grassy areas and forest clearings, and found on grassy plateaus at [...] above sea level.
  • To the east is a huge grassy plain, which is around [...] above sea level.
  • Geologist Toni Hagen explained the name as meaning a "grassy plain" or "meadow" (" [...] ") above a "comb" or a "range" (" [...] " or " [...] ") in the local Tibetan language, thereby signifying the "crest above the grassy plains".
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