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NOUN   a growth curve | growth curves
growth curve
Wachstumskurve {f}
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Übersetzung für 'growth curve' von Englisch nach Deutsch

growth curve
Wachstumskurve {f}acad.
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  • In normal patients, the plot is a series of spikes whose local minimums form a non-linear curve resembling an exponential growth curve.
  • The growth curve that is used will depend on the nature of the epidemic.
  • A tyrannosaurid growth curve is S-shaped, with the maximum growth rate of individuals around 14 years of age.
  • Its growth curve is nearly exponential and it converts its prey into new growth with an efficiency greater than 50%, relying on protein for growth, energy production, and energy reserves.
  • Otolith data fitted to the von Bertalanffy growth curve shows the species grows to 194 mm in its first year, 340 mm in the second and 456 mm in the third year.
  • Examples of these models include extended twin designs, simplex models, and growth-curve models.
  • Organisms can also change in shape during growth, which affects the growth curve and the ultimate size, see for instance V0-morphs and V1-morphs. Isomorphs can also be called V2/3-morphs.
  • Grape berries follow a double sigmoid growth curve.
  • It is noted for its rapid doubling time of 37 minutes under optimal conditions, meaning that every 37 minutes the number of individual organisms is multiplied by two, yielding an exponential growth curve.
  • List of parameters is a direct result of list of processes which are of interest—if only growth under constant food and temperature is of interest, the standard DEB model can be simplified to the von Bertalanffy growth curve.
  • Experiments on "Daphnia" growth rates showed a striking adherence to the logistic growth curve.
  • Cell growth in culture generally undergoes a decline after plating, and graphically, PE is the global minimum (lowest point) of the growth curve at day one, after which growth rises again.
  • Subculturing can also be used for growth curve calculations (ex. ...
  • The growth curve of the animal would therefore be somewhat asymptotic, unlike the linear growth found in many ectothermic animals.
  • If disaster should befall the larger chick, the parent can switch to feeding the youngest, and it will exhibit a constant growth curve from the day of active feeding.
  • Computer scientist and futurist Hans Moravec proposed in a 1998 book that the exponential growth curve could be extended back through earlier computing technologies prior to the integrated circuit.
  • The head circumference and the growth curve of the head provide important clues into making a differentiation between craniosynostosis, primary microcephaly and hydrocephalus.
  • The precise shape of the inequality-growth curve obviously varies across countries depending upon their resource endowment, history, remaining levels of absolute poverty and available stock of social programs, as well as on the distribution of physical and human capital.
  • For dogs under a year there are Puppy Growth Charts where weights can be monitored in relation to an average growth curve, this again helps to monitor whether weight is increasing more than expected and deviating from the average growth curve should prompt assessing BCS.
  • Schonfeld published a penis growth curve in 1943.
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