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null hypothesis <H0, h0>
Nullhypothese {f} <H0>
null hypothesis <H0, h0>
Null-Hypothese {f} <H0>
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Übersetzung für 'h0' von Englisch nach Deutsch

null hypothesis <H0, h0>
Nullhypothese {f} <H0>stat.

Null-Hypothese {f} <H0>stat.
  • Nullhypothese {f} <H0> = null hypothesis <H0, h0>
  • Null-Hypothese {f} <H0> = null hypothesis <H0, h0>
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  • Tillig produce models in TT, H0 and H0e, as well as a range of track in TT, H0, H0m and H0e.
  • With the assumption that the initial concentration of the guest (G0) is much larger than the initial concentration of the host (H0), then the absorbance from H0 should be negligible.
  • H0: ar = af and br = bf.
  • The statistical principle behind any discrimination test should be to reject a null hypothesis (H0) that states there is no detectable difference between two (or more) products.
  • Null hypothesis (H0): "The patients do not have the specific disease".

  • For H0 and 0 scales, NEM uses the number zero, whereas NMRA uses letter "O" (HO instead of H0).
  • The bubbling tower controls the potential h0 applied to the membrane by adjusting the water height in the air-inlet tube.
  • The Gahler brothers originally manufactured model trains in O scale but due to competition, particularly by Märklin H0 scale, began the transition to H0 in 1954 with their final O scale set being manufactured in 1957.
  • A three-rail H0 gauge model is produced by Märklin, and a two-rail H0/00 was produced in the early 2000s by Bachmann.
  • The NS 3700 class was released by some Dutch model train manufacturers in scales H0 and 0, first as an expensive handmade brass model by Philotrain and since 2010 as a cheaper production model in H0 scale by Artitec.

  • The p-value is the probability of obtaining results as extreme as or more extreme than those observed, assuming the null hypothesis (H0) is true.
  • This implies that "H0: there is no difference between the results in data1 and data2" cannot be rejected.
  • "Koll's Preiskatalog" issued by Joachim Koll in German lists all 00/H0 models and provides price estimates.
  • An H0 scale model engine has been made of the BR 202 by the German company Heris.
  • There is also an H0 scale model railroad that recreates scenes from the area.

  • The H0- prefix is an anomaly: the 0 indicates a rural delivery zone, but H is used to designate Montreal, the second-largest city in Canada.
  • For H0 ~ 75 (km/s)/Mpc, the inverse of H0 is 13.0 billion years; so after 1958 the Big Bang model age was comfortably older than the Earth.
  • The normal rules of castling apply, and it is done exactly as in chess, with the king moving two squares to either side: to h0 for White or h9 for Black when castling [...]; to d0 or d9 when castling [...] (see diagram).
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