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ha'penny [esp. Br.] [spv.] [dated]
halber Penny {m}
tuppenny-ha'penny {adj} [Br.] [coll.]lächerlich
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  • ... , table football, tabletop football, or shove ha'penny football) is a coin game played upon a table top.
  • An even more miniaturized, related British game, with a much less elongated board and many more scoring zones, is played with coins and known as shove ha'penny.
  • The name "Broadhalfpenny" is properly pronounced "broad ha'penny" a contraction following the usual pronunciation of the word for the halfpenny coin.
  • In 1926, Lord Alverstone succeeded in persuading the Order to purchase Grove House, Harrogate, for use as an orphanage to which every active member contributed a ha'penny (half of one old penny).
  • Luring brigands to come and play ha'penny nap.

  • Card games, including the local Euchre, darts and shove ha'penny were popular.
  • Shove ha'penny is played on a small, rectangular, smooth board usually made of wood or stone.
  • ... – hence the occasional spellings "ha'penny" and "ha'pence").
  • The historic American adjective "two-bit" (to describe something worthless or insignificant) has a British equivalent in "tuppenny-ha'penny" – literally, worth two and a half (old) pence.
  • "I'd sell my Grandmother for a ha'penny a pair". They were comfortable when standing at machinery all day, indeed the safety toecap made only fits a shallower sole with less "cast".

  • "Hi, canny man hoy a ha'penny oot" is a famous Geordie folk song written in the 19th century by Harry Nelson, in a style deriving from music hall.
  • The game is a unique futuristic sport which has been compared variously to pinball, the board game Crossfire and shove ha'penny.
  • A competing 'ha'penny boat', the "Cricket" was short-lived, retiring after its boiler burst causing loss of life.
  • Before the Ha'penny Bridge was built there were seven ferries, operated by a William Walsh, across the Liffey.
  • "Halfpenny", colloquially written "ha'penny," was pronounced [...]; "1 ½d" was spoken as "a penny ha'penny" [...] or "three ha'pence" [...].

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