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habitat suitability
Habitateignung {f}
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habitat suitability index <HSI>
Habitateignungs­index {m}
suitabilityTauglichkeit {f}
suitabilityGeeignetheit {f}
suitabilityAngemessenheit {f}
suitabilityEignung {f}
land suitabilityLandeignung {f}
suitability criteriaEignungs­kriterien {pl}
suitability assessment
Zweckmäßigkeitsprüfung {f}
suitability testEignungs­prüfung {f}
suitability for useGebrauchstauglichkeit {f}
breed suitability test
Zuchttauglichkeitsprüfung {f}
suitability testing requirements
Bestimmungen {pl} für die Eignungs­prüfung
proof of suitabilityEignungs­nachweis {m} [Zertifikat]
suitability for useEignung {f}
suitability for useTauglichkeit {f}
suitability for useEinsatztauglichkeit {f}
accessibility and suitability
Zugänglichkeit und Eignung
suitability or otherwiseEignung oder Nichteignung
suitability for the task
Aufgabenangemessenheit {f}
system suitability test <SST>
Systemeignungs­test {m}
suitability for daily useAlltagstauglichkeit {f}
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  • An interest in reestablishing Arctic grayling in the river by the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians led to a recent analysis of habitat suitability for Arctic grayling in Big Manistee River tributaries and some regions of the main stem was conducted from 2011 to 2013.
  • She has worked on understanding the distribution, age and growth rates of deep-sea corals, and contributing to benthic habitat suitability modelling studies.
  • The duration of dry periods as well as mean annual precipitation have a significant impact on habitat suitability for specific taxa, resulting in various habitat types present.
  • Wall has described invertebrate soil communities in the Dry Valleys of Victoria Land and hers were among the first models of habitat suitability for specific invertebrate species in the Dry Valleys.
  • Results showed that habitat suitability for over half of 130 bat species is expected to decrease under current climate trends.

  • The results suggest that the relative habitat suitability for olive-sided flycatchers in the area of study (Nova Scotia) increased with canopy height and decreased as the habitat moved further away from conifer-dominated forests and areas with dead material which is known to be crucial for their feeding habits.
  • Ideally, the value of predictive methods based in habitat suitability to estimate for instance the population size of common species should be tested before conducting large-scale monitoring, rather than a posteriori.
  • Similar areas can then be compared to see how likely it is that a species will occur there also; this leads to a relationship between habitat suitability and species occurrence.
  • Other constraints on distribution depends on habitat suitability; "A.
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