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NOUN   a handler | handlers
SYNO animal trainer | coach | handler | ...
handlerBetreuer {m}
handlerHandhaber {m}
handlerAnwender {m}
Führer {m} [Hundeführer]
handlerSteuerungs­programm {n}
handler [callback subroutine in computing]
Handler {m} [Rückruffunktion in der Informatik]
handler [leader]
Leiter {m} [Lenker]
2 Wörter
agent handler [intelligence service]Führungs­offizier {m} [Nachrichtendienst]
ammunition handler
Munitionskanonier {m}
baggage handlerGepäckabfertiger {m}
bloodhound handler
Schweißhundführer {m}
canine handler
Hundeführer {m}
case handler
Sachbearbeiter {m}
check handlerPrüfroutine {f}
claims handler
Schadensbearbeiter {m}
die handler Gerät {n} zum Handhaben von Chips [Montage, Verpacken]
dog handlerHundeabrichter {m}
dog handler
Hundeführer {m}
dog handler [female]
Hundeführerin {f}
event handler
Ereignishandler {m}
event handler
Ereignisbehandler {m}
K9 handler [sl.] [guard/police dog handler]Diensthundeführer {m}
Selbstabfertiger {m}
telescopic handlerTeleskoplader {m}
3 Wörter
armed dog handler
bewaffneter Hundeführer {m}
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  • Handler {m} [Rückruffunktion in der Informatik] = handler [callback subroutine in computing]
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  • Third-party developers created improved shells because the console-handler standard command line device driver (or "handler" in Amiga technical language) is independent of the command-line interpreter.
  • Any number ending in '4' means that the player that is furthest away from the ball handler, attacks the ball handler.
  • As long as there is a handler defined somewhere in this stack, logging may occur.
  • The handler must give a signal (non-verbal) to the dog "to heel" as the judge gives a heeling pattern.
  • The Amiga console is a standard Amiga virtual device, normally assigned to "CON:" and driven by "console.handler".

  • In reality, the dogs usually work only when their handler leaves their residence.
  • An example of where a handler saved the day was in ISC's diskless workstation support, where a bug in the implementation meant that using named pipes on the workstation could induce undesirable resource locking on the fileserver.
  • Agreements are required when a handler entrusts personal data handing to another handler.
  • The handler observed Kuga lying on the ground injured, near the bank of the stream.
  • When the Element3 button is clicked, an event handler for Element 3 is triggered first, then event bubbles up and the handler for immediate parent element - Element 2 is called, followed by the handler for Element 1 and so on till it reaches the outermost DOM element.

  • Because it is impossible to desensitize a horse to every possible source of fear, the ultimate goal is to teach the horse to trust the judgement of its human handler and not react with fright to an unknown stimulus but rather to wait and listen to its handler.
  • Control captures and interrogates a female Samaritan handler.
  • NET HTTP handler is a process that runs in response to a request made to an ASP.NET Web application.
  • Structured Exception Handler Overwrite Protection is a feature of Windows which protects against the most common stack overflow attacks, especially against attacks on a structured exception handler.
  • Dog agility is a dog sport in which a handler directs a dog through an obstacle course in a race for both time and accuracy.

  • MIKBUG allows the user to install an interrupt handler using the [...] command to specify the handler address.
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