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NOUN   a heavy machine gun | heavy machine guns
heavy machine gun
schweres Maschinengewehr {n}
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Übersetzung für 'heavy machine gun' von Englisch nach Deutsch

heavy machine gun
schweres Maschinengewehr {n}weapons
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  • Their aim was to make a light, reliable heavy machine gun with the same damage output as a 20 mm autocannon.
  • In the German heavy machine gun (HMG) platoons, each platoon served four MG 34/MG 42 machine guns, used in the sustained fire mode mounted on tripods.
  • 7 mm heavy machine gun fire from close distances or larger artillery shell fragments.
  • The M1025/M1026 and M1043/M1044 armament carriers provide mounting and firing capabilities for the M134 Minigun, the Mk 19 grenade launcher, the M2 heavy machine gun, the GAU-19A/B gatling gun, the M240G/B machine gun and M249 LMG.
  • was a horse-drawn cart (such as charabanc) or an open wagon with a heavy machine gun mounted on the rear side.
  • 50 Cal Heavy machine-gun manned by a government soldier brought Thao Ma's T-28 down while he was attempting to land.
  • To fire the 12.7 mm antiaircraft heavy machine gun, the loader must be partially exposed, making him vulnerable to suppressive fire, and he must leave his main gun loading duties unattended.
  • 7 mm DShK anti-aircraft heavy machine gun was dropped, because it was deemed worthless against high-performance jets.
  • 7 mm heavy machine gun or a 40 mm automatic grenade launcher.
  • The armor on the turret is sufficient to defeat small arms fire, shell splinters, blast overpressure, and most heavy machine gun rounds.
  • A weapons company has in place of the three rifle platoons, an 81 mm mortar platoon, an anti-armor platoon, and a heavy machine gun platoon.
  • In 1930, the U.S. Army experimented with the concept of parachuting three-man heavy-machine-gun teams. Nothing came of these early experiments.
  • Although no documentation has been uncovered, it's clear that the rifle has been modified at an early stage in the manufacturing process to use the same feed belts that were used on the Hotchkiss heavy machine gun in use in the Norwegian Army at the time.
  • Although the hull could deflect heavy machine gun fire of up to 12.7 mm AP, [...] it was easily penetrated by rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs), which could destroy the vehicle if the spalling contacted the caseless main gun rounds.
  • The heavy machine gun is a term originating in World War I to describe heavyweight medium machine guns and persisted into World War II with Japanese Hotchkiss M1914 clones; today, however, it is used to refer to automatic weapons with a caliber of at least [...] but less than 20 mm.
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