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herbicide use
Herbizideinsatz {m}
herbicide use
Herbizidgebrauch {m}
herbicide use
Herbizidverwendung {f}
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Übersetzung für 'herbicide use' von Englisch nach Deutsch

herbicide use
Herbizideinsatz {m}agr.ecol.

Herbizidgebrauch {m}agr.ecol.

Herbizidverwendung {f}agr.ecol.
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  • The Institute has made tremendous efforts in popularizing the technology for herbicide use in weed management.
  • The stale seed bed technique of weed control was developed before herbicide use began.
  • Insecticide and herbicide use in agricultural areas and along road rights-of-way may be factors limiting the beetle's distribution.
  • Also, some effective techniques (such as the elimination of stubble burning) can negatively impact other environmental concerns (increased herbicide use to control weeds not destroyed by burning).
  • The Dakota skipper has experienced declining populations from destruction and modification of native prairie for grazing, herbicide use and building.
  • Biological control is preferable over herbicide use on lawns, as crabgrass emergence is not the cause of poor lawn health but a symptom, and it will return annually if the lawn is not restored with fertilization and proper watering.
  • The development of glyphosate-resistant (Roundup Ready) plants has changed the herbicide use profile away from more environmentally persistent herbicides with higher toxicity, such as atrazine, metribuzin and alachlor, and reduced the volume and danger of herbicide runoff.
  • China's Green Food Standard, administered by the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture's China Green Food Development Center, permits some pesticide and herbicide use.
  • 90% of herbicide use was directed at forest defoliation.
  • When herbicide use is warranted, several methods have proven effective.
  • Pesticide and herbicide use is a common practice among palm oil plantations, including paraquat, an herbicide banned throughout Europe.
  • In fact, herbicide use often selects for horsenettle by removing competing weeds.
  • Besides fire suppression and conversion of the habitat, threats include herbicide use and mechanical disturbance such as mowing.
  • The main threats to the species include its small population size, land clearing, management of grazing land, roadside maintenance and herbicide use.
  • It is recommended herbicide use is the most effective pre-bloom or in the death stages of "L.
  • Other threats include logging and herbicide use. Destruction of the habitat or alterations in its hydrology could damage populations.
  • Groundwater is contaminated from nitrogen and fertilisers (the use of which has quadrupled between 1960 and 1988) and the impact of pesticide and herbicide use, the latter being used to control weeds in canals.
  • The use of GMO crop plants engineered for herbicide resistance can also indirectly increase the amount of agricultural pollution associated with herbicide use.
  • Grassland restoration practices of tillage, weeding and herbicide use showed an impact on microbial communities of the upper soil but very small changes on the microbiota of lower soil layers and that after 4 years of recovery the communities were very similar to untreated plots.
  • IRRI scientists are pursuing projects on managing weeds with less herbicide use.
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