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NOUN   a heroine | heroines
heroineHeldin {f}
heroineHeroin {f} [Heldin]
heroine [semidivine woman]
Halbgöttin {f}
heroineHeroine {f} [Heldin]
2 Wörter
Antiheldin {f}
eponymous heroine
Titelheldin {f}
heroine epic
Heldinnenepos {n}
local heroine
Lokalmatadorin {f}
national heroineNationalheldin {f}
screen heroine
Leinwandheldin {f}
stage heroine
Bühnenheldin {f}
tragic heroine
tragische Heldin {f}
war heroineKriegsheldin {f}
young heroine
jugendliche Heldin {f} [Rollenfach]
4 Wörter
heroine of a film
Filmheldin {f} [Heldin eines Films]
heroine of a novel
Romanheldin {f} [Heldin eines Romans]
heroine of the film
Filmheldin {f} [Heldin des Films]
heroine of the novel
Romanheldin {f} [Heldin des Romans]
heroine of the serial
Serienheldin {f}
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Vasu, Srinu, Soni are the heroes and heroine of the drama company.
  • In another Polish version from Kraków, the heroine is called Basia and has a stepmother and two stepsisters.
  • Laura Kinsale in her essay "The Androgynous Reader" in "Dangerous Men and Adventurous Women" cites the heroine of "Shanna" as proof that the average romance reader is not identifying with the heroine, but rather as a placeholder for themselves to be with the hero, for a "sillier and more wrongheaded heroine than Shanna would be difficult to imagine...Feminists need not tremble for the reader--she does not identify with, admire, or internalize the characteristics of either a stupidly submissive or an irksomely independent heroine.
  • Throughout the movie, though the heroine's face is not revealed, her voice echoes in the minds of the viewers.
  • The story appears to be influenced by Charles Perrault's variant, "The Fairies", as the heroine receives a similar reward to the heroine in that tale.

  • Other tales have characters take the hero or heroine's place without claiming to be the original.
  • In Henriette-Julie de Murat's "Bearskin", the heroine has a fairy godmother, but she is offended that the heroine's marriage was arranged without consulting her, and refuses to assist.
  • Megumin was created by Akatsuki Natsume who noted that she exposed an aura fitting of an appealing heroine which led to her popularity overshadowing the actual heroine, Aqua.
  • Jailani played the lead role and actress Sona Heiden made her debut as a heroine while Preethi Varma was selected as the second heroine.
  • The heroine will overcome the obstacles that she faced. Upon experiencing success, the heroine will realize she has betrayed her own values in order to achieve the goal.

  • Since her eyesight is not good, she misunderstands the heroine's mother to be the heroine and asks the mother to marry Pandiarajan.
  • Nobody made Eleanor the heroine of any prose or poem for a long time, and the first academic article with her as its heroine did not come into existence until 1907.
  • In 2003, Qian's granddaughter, Tatiana de Perlinghi, made a documentary film entitled "Ma grand-mère, une héroïne?" (My grandma, a heroine?).
  • Like other such kind of movies, everyone in the college tease and starts hitting Sreenu but other heroine Disha Pandey who plays role of second heroine Nisha loves Sreenu.
  • Plot focuses on a heroine who embodies one of two types of exemplar: the angel and the practical woman (Reynolds) who sometimes exist in the same work.

  • The Harlowe series follows the life of its heroine more or less chronologically from high school through college and beyond.
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