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SYNO hierarchal | hierarchic | hierarchical
hierarchic {adj}hierarchisch
hierarchic encountersRangkämpfe {pl}
hierarchic structurehierarchischer Aufbau {m}
hierarchic structurehierarchische Struktur {f}
hierarchic structure
Baumstruktur {f}
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  • The structure was hierarchic, with each significant components of VME (kernel, file store, etc.)divided into sub-systems.
  • The Nguyễn dynasty retained the bureaucratic and hierarchic system of previous dynasties.
  • It is an hierarchic organized body, composed of magistrates and headed by the "Procurador-Geral da República" (attorney-general of the Republic).
  • The 23 Eastern Catholic Churches retain many Orthodox traditions, even in the hierarchic terminology, such as calling dioceses Eparchies and archdioceses Archeparchies.
  • Even during those years in which the court's actual influence outside the palace walls was minimal, the hierarchic organization persisted.

  • The links in Alexander's book clearly result in a hierarchic network. Alexander draws a parallel to the hierarchy of a grammar – that is one argument for him to speak of a pattern "language".
  • Building on Magoroh Maruyama's concept of mindscape, mindset includes a cultural and social orientation: hierarchical and egalitarian individualism, hierarchical and egalitarian collectivism, hierarchic and egalitarian synergism, and hierarchical and egalitarian populism.
  • In fact, as Pramrod Nayar notes, Butler creates an alternate history where humans and Ina have always coexisted in "non-hierarchic, interdependent and unified ecosystems".
  • The deliberate redundancies at the top were common features of each position in this stable hierarchic schema.
  • HOOD ("Hierarchic Object-Oriented Design") is a detailed software design method.

  • The exploration of decomposition methods has continued in the last dozen years with the development and comparison of a number of approaches, classified variously as hierarchic and non hierarchic, or collaborative and non collaborative.
  • For this purpose, the notion of active object was imported from the Active Oberon language and generalized towards a unified model of hierarchic activities.
  • All this content is managed in multiple languages, geo-localized and organized through different strategies: hierarchic tree, custom categories and "tags".
  • Feature highlights include hierarchic track layout, integrated sound editor, surround sound, spline curve automation, 64-bit mixing, multiprocessing and a customizable user interface.
  • After graduation, this fraternity transformed into a natural military hierarchic order.

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