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hierarchically structured
hierarchisch aufgebaut
hierarchically {adv}hierarchisch
structured {adj} {past-p}gegliedert
structured {adj} {past-p}konstruiert
structured {adj} {past-p}strukturiert
clearly structured {adj}klar gegliedert
structured lacquerStrukturlack {m}
perfectly structured {adj}formvollendet [Gedicht, Musikstück]
pre-structured {adj} {past-p}vorstrukturiert
structured grid
strukturiertes Gitter {n}
structured cabling
universelle Gebäudeverkabelung {f} <UGV>
structured cabling
strukturierte Verkabelung {f}
ungeprüft small-structured {adj}kleinstrukturiert
highly structured {adj}hoch strukturiert
structured modelstrukturiertes Modell {n}
structured packing
strukturierte Packung {f}
structured products
strukturierte Produkte {pl}
structured datastrukturierte Daten {pl}
structured programmingstrukturierte Programmierung {f}
well-structured {adj}gut strukturiert
structured programmingstrukturiertes Programmieren {n}
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  • The hierarchically structured, open-source, Modelica models offer unprecedented flexibility for multiple vehicle configurations while reusing common components.
  • The organization of the Theosophical Society − Blavatskyhouse The Hague is hierarchically structured.
  • In artificial intelligence, hierarchical task network (HTN) planning is an approach to automated planning in which the dependency among actions can be given in the form of hierarchically structured networks.
  • This is supported by Sidanius and Pratto's own evidence that high-SDO individuals tend to gravitate toward hierarchy-enhancing jobs and institutions, such as law enforcement, that are themselves hierarchically structured vis-a-vis individuals within them.
  • ... , born December 7, 1963) is a Chinese-American mechanician who is widely known for his contributions to the field of solid mechanics, particularly on the micro- and nanomechanics of thin films, hierarchically structured materials, and cell-nanomaterial interactions.

  • It describes the spiritual development of the non-physical body through a hierarchically structured system of 16 spheres.
  • The concept was formulated by scholars attempting to understand how modern states emerged, specifically the transition from small kin-based societies to large hierarchically structured societies.
  • In contrast to most student societies that are highly hierarchically structured, Wolbodo is horizontally structured.
  • Internally, Caché stores data in multidimensional arrays capable of carrying hierarchically structured data.
  • Nevertheless, it is a strictly hierarchically structured body, so municipal offices are subordinated to the county offices, while county offices are subordinated to the central office in Zagreb.

  • OMNotebook is primarily used for teaching and allows to mix hierarchically structured text with cells containing Modelica models and expressions.
  • Hox's research interests lie in the field of quality assurance of survey research and multilevel analysis of hierarchically structured data.
  • The algorithm branch itself is hierarchically structured using relationships which denote that the descendant algorithms were derived from, or specify, more general ancestors.
  • Coggle produces hierarchically structured documents, like a branching tree.
  • The Napoleonic reform in February of this year, which came into force in May 1800, formed the management structure of a centralized and hierarchically-structured organisation..

  • Having shifted the focus of study from an isolated technique to a hierarchically structured whole, the organic Formalists overcame the main shortcoming of the mechanists.
  • This introduction of presbyteries was somewhat revolutionary in the rather hierarchically structured Lutheran church.
  • More generally, a Hauptmann can be the head of any hierarchically structured group of people, often as a compound word.
  • The document assigns numeric codes to each administrative division of the country, which are hierarchically structured from the federal subject level down to selsoviet level; an expanded version also includes listings of individual inhabited localities within each administrative division.
  • Reuter promoted a decentralised version of pagan practice without priests, in contrast to the hierarchically structured [...] of Ludwig Fahrenkrog.

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