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hierarchy problem
Hierarchieproblem {n}
year 2000 problem <Y2K problem> [also: Year 2000 Problem]
Jahr-2000-Problem {n}
hierarchyHierarchie {f}
hierarchyStufenordnung {f}
hierarchyRangordnung {f}
hierarchyRangfolge {f}
knowledge hierarchy
Wissenshierarchie {f}
parameter hierarchyParameterhierarchie {f}
(church) hierarchy
Amtskirche {f}
waste hierarchyAbfallhierarchie {f}
hierarchy tree
Hierarchiebaum {m}
data hierarchyDatenhierarchie {f}
control hierarchyGruppenhierarchie {f}
structural hierarchyStrukturhierarchie {f}
brand hierarchy
Markenhierarchie {f}
control hierarchyGruppenrangordnung {f}
value hierarchy
Werthierarchie {f}
reporting hierarchy
Berichtshierarchie {f}
church hierarchy
Kirchenhierarchie {f} [amtskirchliche Organisation]
administrative hierarchy
Verwaltungs­hierarchie {f}
flat hierarchy
flache Hierarchie {f}
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  • Also, most model builders simply assume supersymmetry because it solves the hierarchy problem—i.e., it stabilizes the electroweak Higgs mass against radiative corrections.
  • Although experimental evidence overwhelmingly confirms the predictions derived from the Standard Model, some of its parameters were added arbitrarily, not determined by a particular explanation, which remain mysterious, for instance the hierarchy problem.
  • Non-supersymmetric theories suffer from quartic radiative corrections to the mass squared of the electroweak Higgs boson (see hierarchy problem).
  • If supersymmetry fully solves the hierarchy problem, this scale should not be far from 1000 GeV, and therefore it should be accessible at the LHC and other future accelerators.
  • In theoretical physics, the hierarchy problem is the problem concerning the large discrepancy between aspects of the weak force and gravity.

  • This varies greatly between different models of supersymmetry breaking, but if supersymmetry is to solve the hierarchy problem of the Standard Model, the gravitino cannot be more massive than about 1 TeV/c2.
  • This is because the standard model fails to incorporate the force of gravity and because of problems such as the hierarchy problem and the inability to explain the structure of fermion masses or dark matter.
  • In 1998/99, Merab Gogberashvili published on arXiv a number of articles where he showed that if the Universe is considered as a thin shell (a mathematical synonym for "brane") expanding in 5-dimensional space then there is a possibility to obtain one scale for particle theory corresponding to the 5-dimensional cosmological constant and Universe thickness, and thus to solve the hierarchy problem.
  • This work is often motivated by the hierarchy problem and is constrained by existing experimental data.
  • This dynamical approach is natural and avoids issues of Quantum triviality and the hierarchy problem of the Standard Model.

  • matter parity to the chiral superfields with the matter fields having odd parity and the Higgs having even parity to protect the electroweak Higgs from quadratic radiative mass corrections (the hierarchy problem).
  • the hierarchy problem; and the strong CP problem, among others.
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