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NOUN   a hieroglyph | hieroglyphs
SYNO hieroglyph | hieroglyphic
Hieroglyphe {f}
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Übersetzung für 'hieroglyph' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Hieroglyphe {f}archaeo.ling.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The "djed" hieroglyph was a pillar-like symbol that represented stability.
  • Iry-Hor's name is written with the Horus falcon hieroglyph (Gardiner sign G5) above a mouth hieroglyph (Gardiner D21).
  • Here, the 'house' hieroglyph works as a logogram: it represents the word with a single sign.
  • Another example of the hieroglyph usage is as adornments upon the hieroglyph for "shrine", and also for "buildings".
  • The front of the statuette uses the lapwing Rekhyt bird to spell: "all the people give praise", using the basket hieroglyph V30 ?

  • The statue of the jackal lying on the shrine is in the same posture and form as one hieroglyph (Gardiner list: E16) for Anubis.
  • The ancient Egyptian Scribe equipment hieroglyph ???
  • The Ancient Egyptian Road-with-shrubs hieroglyph is Gardiner sign listed no.
  • Each hieroglyph is examined with: "Phonetics and Writing", (the four to seven example graphically displayed words), and, "Semantics".
  • The Foreleg of ox (a "foreleg with the thigh") hieroglyph of ancient Egypt is an old hieroglyph; it even represented a nighttime constellation (the Big Dipper, Maskheti).

  • The triliteral Egyptian hieroglyph F35 ('nfr') has sometimes been explained as a representation of a lute; however, Egyptologists today no longer consider this hypothesis likely.
  • , a superintendent of the military, and military supplies, including archers–(Note Archer hieroglyph, and quiver hieroglyph).
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