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hieroglyphic text
Hieroglyphentext {m}
hieroglyphic {adj}hieroglyphisch
hieroglyphic writing
Hieroglyphenschrift {f}
hieroglyphic script
Hieroglyphenschrift {f}
hieroglyphic books
Hieroglyphenbücher {pl}
hieroglyphic moth [Ectropis crepuscularia, syn.: Boarmia bistortata]
Pflaumenspanner {m}
hieroglyphic moth [Ectropis crepuscularia, syn.: Boarmia bistortata]
Heidelbeerspanner {m}
hieroglyphic moth [Ectropis crepuscularia, syn.: Boarmia bistortata]
Zackenbindiger Rindenspanner {m}
hieroglyphic moth [Ectropis crepuscularia, syn.: Boarmia bistortata]
Rinden-Zackenbindenspanner {m}
alternative text <alt. text>
Alternativtext {m}
hieroglyphic [individual sign] [now often considered incorrect for 'hieroglyph', esp. in British English]Hieroglyphe {f}
hieroglyphic [sign system] [rare] [generally now considered incorrect for 'hieroglyphics', esp. in British English].Hieroglyphenschrift {f}
Byzantine text-type / text type
byzantinischer Texttyp {m}
Alexandrian text-type / text type
alexandrinischer Texttyp {m}
Caesarean text-type / text typeCäsareanischer Texttyp {m}
Western text-type / text typewestlicher Texttyp {m}
textText {m}
to text
smsen [ugs.]
to texttexten
to texteine SMS senden
to texteine Kurznachricht versenden
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  • Lintel 29 is set into Structure 10 in the Central Acropolis. It is part of a series of three lintels bearing a continuous hieroglyphic text detailing the birth and accession of king Bird Jaguar IV.
  • The surviving sculpture is of fine quality, consisting of the feet of a figure and of accompanying hieroglyphic text.
  • The stairway takes its name from the 2200 glyphs that together form the longest known Maya hieroglyphic text.
  • The scribal profession worked with painters and artisans who decorated reliefs and other building works with scenes, personages, or hieroglyphic text.
  • The nearby Quintana Roo site of El Resbalón has a jumbled hieroglyphic text, including a date in 529, that indicates that the city was within the control of the Kaan dynasty.

  • The hieratic text was published by Korostovcev 1960, and the hieroglyphic text was published by Gardiner 1932 (as well as on-line).
  • A badly eroded hieroglyphic text is to the left of the figure's face, which is now completely illegible.
  • Stela 2 is believed to date to around AD 870 although it bears no hieroglyphic text.
  • Major advances in the decoding were recognition that the stone offered three versions of the same text (1799); that the Demotic text used phonetic characters to spell foreign names (1802); that the hieroglyphic text did so as well, and had pervasive similarities to the Demotic (1814); and that phonetic characters were also used to spell native Egyptian words (1822–1824).
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