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NOUN   a hieroglyph | hieroglyphs
hieroglyphsHieroglyphen {pl}
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Hieroglyphen {pl}
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  • The scientific importance lies in the fact of finding Egyptian hieroglyphs which predate cuneiform script.
  • The biliteral Egyptian hieroglyphs are hieroglyphs which represent a specific sequence of two consonants.
  • The "Aegean" and "Cretan Hieroglyphs" fonts support Cretan hieroglyphs.
  • The Unicode standard considers hieratic characters to be font variants of the Egyptian hieroglyphs, and the two scripts have been unified.
  • Gardiner's Sign List is a list of common Egyptian hieroglyphs compiled by Sir Alan Gardiner. It is considered a standard reference in the study of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.

  • Gelb had contributed significantly to the decipherment of the Anatolian hieroglyphs (formerly often referred to as 'Hittite hieroglyphs'), having published 3 volumes of studies on the subject.
  • Note that most of the hieroglyphs in this text are not uniliteral signs, but can be found in the List of Egyptian hieroglyphs.
  • Anatolian Hieroglyphs is a Unicode block containing Anatolian hieroglyphs, used to write the extinct Luwian language.
  • In addition to his work as a classical philologist, he was involved in early attempts at decipherment of Egyptian hieroglyphs.
  • Egyptian hieroglyphs were solved using the Rosetta Stone, which was a multilingual stele in Classical Greek, Demotic Egyptian and Classical Egyptian hieroglyphs.

  • Early European studies of Egyptian hieroglyphs, like that of Athanasius Kircher, assumed that the hieroglyphs were emblems, and imaginatively interpreted them accordingly.
  • The Luwian language hieroglyphs, Luwian hieroglyphs has 7 varieties for the syllable of 's' and 'a'. For 'sa' number 4 (Sa4).
  • "How to Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs" is a primer on understanding Egyptian hieroglyphs. The text was written by Mark Collier (Egyptologist), and Bill Manley, c. 1998.
  • Hieroglyphs and artwork of Set evolved over millennia until becoming standardized, making identification a difficult process; there is debate as to which hieroglyphs actually depict Set and the associated animal.
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