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home table
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Übersetzung für 'home table' von Englisch nach Deutsch

home table
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  • Bearing off is executed in the standard way once all pieces have reached the home table.
  • Bearing off may begin once all 15 men have reached the home table.
  • There are 15 pieces per player and the aim is to move them around the board anticlockwise to the home table and then be the first to bear off all one's pieces.
  • ... e. home table) and be borne off The aim is to be the first player to do this.
  • The definition of "backgammon" has changed and is now scored if a player bears all pieces off the board while the opponent still has pieces on the 'bar' or in the player's home table.
  • The column Home table always means player's or team's choice in the finals of the tournament.
  • Barber & Osgerby's first furniture to use solid wood was the oak Home Table in 2000, initially conceived for their own homes.
  • The four quadrants of the board are known as 'tables', a player's home table being the first six points on his side including the starting or home point; and a player's bearing table being the final and opposite quadrant, where the opponent starts.
  • Beauty and utility are combined; the home-table is supplied with vegetables and beautified by the flowers which the children themselves raise.
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