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hysterically {adv}hysterisch
hysterically funny {adj} [coll.]wahnsinnig komisch [ugs.]
to be hysterically funny [coll.] [idiom]zum Schießen sein [ugs.] [Redewendung]
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  • As he conducts Tchaikovsky's "Violin Concerto", the full elaborate plan to kill Daniella and frame Max for the murder runs through his mind, leaving him laughing hysterically, but afterwards, when he tries to carry out his plan, unforeseen circumstances intervene.
  • Shary Flenniken, in the biography on her official website, describes Subitzky as "hysterically funny and unassuming".
  • Amanda Craig, writing in the Times, described it as "the kind of inspired, hysterically silly fantasy that boys adore".
  • She's last seen in spirit form, clinging on hysterically to a reluctant Moera as they follow everyone to the reborn universe.
  • Chow meets with his girlfriend Hung, to whom he made a marriage proposal shortly before. When Chow asks her to postpone the marriage until his case is closed, she leaves the room hysterically.

  • an odd, hysterically funny, brilliant artist," by Mitch Fatel.
  • When the lights go out, Masha's grandmother appears as Sarah laughs hysterically.
  • Alex Rose of "Cult MTL" negatively reviewed the film, calling it "a hysterically overwrought drama disguised as a sports film" and comparing it negatively to Pascal Plante's similarly themed 2020 film "Nadia, Butterfly".
  • (the bodyguard can be seen laughing hysterically to show that it is a lie) Then a journalist asks what evidence they have to prove their claims to which an agent says that Sooriyabandara's wife has pledged her support to find the culprits.
  • "hysterically imbecilic repartee" tinged with "a loathing resentment".

  • Indiewire's Katie Walsh praised the film, describing it as "hysterically funny" and giving it a B+ grade.
  • The Trainbearer and Confidante enter and whisper to her. Klytaemnestra laughs hysterically and, mocking Elektra, leaves. Elektra wonders what has made her mother laugh.
  • On the prompting of Eudossia the house is searched and Agnese is discovered and dragged out. She swears hysterically that she is not guilty but is taken to be burnt.
  • The crowd begins to crack up hysterically at Skip as the dean says he wants to see him and Jonathan in his office.
  • Anyone not working fast enough to cover the bodies was ordered to lie down on them and was shot by the German officer, who screamed at them "faster, faster", and raved hysterically against the Jews.

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