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internationalization <i18n>
Internationalisierung {f}
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internationalization <i18n>
Internationalisierung {f}comp.econ.pol.
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  • His i18n work also included an April Fools' Day RFC in collaboration with Harald Alvestrand (RFC 5242) and MIME in collaboration with Ned Freed (RFC 4289 among others).
  • ... providing i18n and then l10n).
  • The short form "s9y" stems from abbreviations such as "i18n" for "internationalization" where the number represents the amount of omitted letters"."
  • In computing, internationalization and localization (American) or internationalisation and localisation (British English), often abbreviated i18n and L10n, are means of adapting computer software to different languages, regional peculiarities and technical requirements of a target locale.
  • The Pitivi project also has a user manual that covers the usage of the application. Pitivi has been translated and localized for several languages by the GNOME i18n teams.

  • Nicol is also known for his work on HTML Internationalization (I18N), starting with the publication of “The Multilingual World Wide Web” in 1995, on the World Wide Web and proposed an alignment of Unicode, ISO 10646 and SGML, leading to HTML adopting a broader character set, allowing for multilingualism and later adoption of Unicode and UTF8 as de-facto standards for the web.
  • It supported multiple languages and character sets to help with I18N issues, had a more advanced query syntax, and the ability to generate "forward knowledge" in the form of 'centroid' data structures that could be used to route queries from one server to another.
  • The I18n stands for the internationalization in IT applications.
  • Locale is an important aspect of i18n.
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