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NOUN   iaido | -
iaido [a Japanese martial art]
Iaido {n} [eine jap. Kampfkunst]
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Übersetzung für 'iaido' von Englisch nach Deutsch

iaido [a Japanese martial art]
Iaido {n} [eine jap. Kampfkunst]sports
  • Iaido {n} [eine jap. Kampfkunst] = iaido [a Japanese martial art]
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  • This style of standardised "iaido" is also known as "Seitei Iaido" (制定 居合道) or "Zenkenren Iaido" (全剣連 居合道).
  • She has a 7th dan in both iaido and jōdō awarded by the all Japan Kendo Federation (Zen Nihon Kendo Renmei).
  • The AKR is recognised by the FIK and its international affiliates as the only governing body for kendo, iaido and jodo in Australia and the organisation in Australia which awards internationally recognised kyu and dan grades for kendo, iaido and jodo.
  • Mugai-ryū Iai Hyōdō (Mugai Shinden Iai Hyōdō 無外真伝居合兵道) is a modern school of iaido founded by Nakagawa Shiryō Shinichi (中川士龍申一, 1895–1981).
  • Kanai Sensei was also skilled in iaido and subsequently taught this art to his senior students, many of whom hold dan rank in both iaido and aikido.

  • Iaijutsu is extant today, but there also exists a modern form for drawing the Japanese sword called iaido, a term which first appeared in 1932.
  • Murayama City, the birthplace of iaido, operates a number of iaido experience and training programs. This includes training with some of the iaido masters and english speaking teachers in Yamagata.
  • Before aikido he studied judo (6th Dan Kodokan Judo), karate (5th Dan Shindō jinen-ryū), iaido (7th Dan Nihon Zenkoku Iaido Renmei) and jōdō and also Shintō Musō-ryū jōjutsu and Hōzōin-ryū sōjutsu.
  • Hikitsuchi trained extensively in Jūkendō (bayonet) as a young man, and was skilled in both iaido and kendo.
  • Nakakura continued to train in kendo and iaido throughout his life, achieving 9th dan in both.

  • One of his students was Nakayama Hakudō (1872-1958) who helped develop iaido and kendo.
  • The outfit worn to iaido practise includes a hakama, which is worn over the top of the obi, which fastens the keikogi.
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