Übersetzung für 'iamb' von Englisch nach Deutsch
NOUN   an iamb | iambs
SYNO iamb | iambus
Jambus {m}
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Übersetzung für 'iamb' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Jambus {m}lit.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • "three-step", compare "iamb" and "dithyramb", but H.
  • A common variation in an amphibrachic line, in both Russian and English, is to end the line with an iamb, as Thomas Hardy does in "The Ruined Maid" (1901): "Oh did n't / you know I'd / been ru in'd / said she".
  • The term iambic tetrameter originally applied to the quantitative meter of Classical Greek poetry, in which an "iamb" consisted of a short syllable followed by a long syllable.
  • In the prosody of English and other modern European languages, "choriamb" is sometimes used to describe four-syllable sequence of the pattern stressed-unstressed-unstressed-stressed (again, a trochee followed by an iamb): for example, "over the hill", "under the bridge", and "what a mistake!
  • In this case, everyone is somewhat right: the 4 positions "are" like a light then a heavy iamb, "and" like a pyrrhic followed by a spondee, "and" like a 4-syllable "ascending foot" that functions as a unit.

  • However, the last foot of the line is always an iamb: | .... u – |.
  • A siir or cheer is a type of metrical foot that roughly corresponds to an iamb.
  • In an iambic pair, each word is an iamb and has the first syllable unstressed and the second syllable stressed.
  • The shots in these rhythmic units mimic in their length pattern some of the known metrical feet of poetry such as iamb (short-long), anapest (short-short-long) and trochee (long-short).
  • In a line of verse that normally employs iambic meter, trochaic substitution describes the replacement of an iamb by a trochee.

  • In the first line above, most of the syllables, even those in weak positions, are long and heavy: "A-jax strives some Rock's vast weight"; only the last foot, "to throw", is a true iamb.
  • The same wish to avoid ambiguity, according to Bettini, explains the avoidance of double iamb endings such as [...] at the end of a senarius, which could potentially be interpreted either as 3 elements or 4.
  • Both meters in circle 2 make use of "biceps" elements, in which a pair of short syllables can be replaced by a long one (uu); meters of circle 4 all have one place in the hemistich (half-line) where the "watid" is a trochee (– u) instead of an iamb (u –); the meters of circle 5 have short feet of PK PK or KP KP.
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