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ADJ   iambic | more iambic | most iambic
NOUN   iambic | iambics
iambic {adj}
iambic {adj}
in Jamben abgefasst
iambic pentameter
fünfhebiger Jambus {m}
iambic pentameter
jambischer Fünfheber {m}
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  • The iambic pentameter (and iambic dimeter) rhythm of this poem can be considered an illustration of its subject matter.
  • Apart from their independent role, anapaests are sometimes used as substitutions in iambic verse.
  • It is written in the meter called Political verse, iambic decapentasyllable (15 syllables), an evolution of the ancient Greek iambic trimeter (iambic dodecasyllable).
  • Metrically, the text consists of a quatrain in iambic pentameter (unusual for this opera which is mostly in iambic tetrameter), followed by a quatrain in iambic trimeter, then a final pentameter couplet.
  • This sonnet, like all but one of Shakespeare's sonnets, employs iambic pentameter throughout. The first line can be scanned as a regular iambic pentameter.

  • The Iambic trimeter is a meter of poetry consisting of three iambic units (each of two feet) per line.
  • "To a Waterfowl" is written in iambic trimeter and iambic pentameter, consisting of eight stanzas of four lines.
  • The abbreviation ia6 = iambic senarii, tr7 = trochaic septenarii, ia8 = iambic octonarii, tr8 = trochaic octonarii.
  • The poem has four cantos written in Spenserian stanzas, which consist of eight iambic pentameter lines followed by one alexandrine (a twelve syllable iambic line), and has rhyme pattern ABABBCBCC.
  • Each of the four stanzas consists of eight lines as a pair of two ballad metre four-line segments, each consisting of a iambic tetrameter followed by a iambic trimeter with feminine rhyme of ABAB–ACAC.

  • Common metre has alternating lines of iambic tetrameter and iambic trimeter organized in four-line stanzas. This is also called ballad meter, since many English ballads employ this structure.
  • While the lines are often in iambs, some follow iambic pentameter, others iambic hexameter, and still others break from an iambic rhythm entirely.
  • The abbreviations ia6 = iambic senarii, tr7 = trochaic septenarii, ia8 = iambic octonarii and so on.
  • The iambic distich is the basis of many poems of a genre known as Iambus, in which the poet abuses and censures individuals or even communities, whether real or imaginary.
  • Horace's poem is in couplets, where a line of iambic trimeter (six iambic feet) is followed by a line of iambic dimeter (four iambic feet).

  • , besides the usual iambic senarii and trochaic septenarii, there are two long passages of iambic septenarii and one short passage of iambic octonarii; in [...] , however, the fourth metre is anapaestic septenarii.
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